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History of the Internet

Computers in Education: History of the Internet (111)

  • Net Valley *Cool Site* - Explores the history of the Internet. Includes information on significant companies and Silicon Valley history.
  • A Brief History of the Internet - An anecdotal history by Walt Howe of the people and communities that brought about the Internet and the Web. Includes a glossary of terms.
  • A Brief History of the Internet - Microsoft explains the origins of the web in ArpaNet, the contribution of Tim Berners-Lee, the World Wide Web Consortium and domain names.
  • Brief History of the Internet - Ross Shannon provides an overview of the Internet's origins, from ARPANET and email to the Web. Includes a breakdown of the components that make up the Internet.
  • Community Memory - Archive of postings to this discussion list dedicated to the history of The Internet.
  • The History of 404 - The story behind HTTP/1.1 404 Object Not Found, and Room 404 at CERN. Wait for the real page to load.
  • History of the Internet - Dr. Rognar Ismaellsen covers the Web, ARPAnet, and TCP/IP.
  • History of the Internet: Internet for Historians - This overview by Richard T. Griffiths covers the development of computers, ArpaNet, email, search engines and Basic Net Data.
  • The History of the Net - A thesis with bibliography written in 1993 by Henry Edward Hardy.
  • History of the Web Beginning at CERN - Cheryl Gribble gives a clear outline with bibliography and links to related sites.
  • The Internet: Past, Present and Future: Internet and WWW History - Scholarly article by Jesper Vissing Laursen on the development of the Internet.
  • Internet Society: A Brief History of the Internet - An authoritative history, written by some of those who were most closely associated with its creation and development.
  • Merit: History - Merit explains how it managed and re-engineered the NSFNET Backbone.
  • The Morris Internet Worm - Charles Schmidt and Tom Darby explain the what, why, and how of the 1988 Internet worm.
  • NetHistory - A directory of sites on the history of the Internet, Usenet, Web, email and related topics.
  • NetHistory - Chris Condon's informal history of BITNET and the Internet. Includes early net publications.
  • Netizens Netbook - Anthology of the history of Usenet and the Internet, including descriptive as well as theoretical work.
  • OrangePeel.com: History of the Internet - Steven Hartley covers topics such as IMP, Packet Switching, ARPAnet, and TCP/IP.
  • The Role of Government in the Evolution of the Internet - Robet E. Kahn's contribution to "Revolution in the U.S. Information Structure", published in 1994 by the National Academy of Sciences.
  • 80s BBS - Yahoo group dedicated to the preservation of the history of the online world in the days before the Web (pre-1990). Text files, old buffer dumps, BBS discussions, buffers, or anything related to this era is welcome.
  • Short History of the Internet - Science fiction author Bruce Sterling recounts the early history of ARPAnet and the Internet in this 1993 article.
  • The Story of the PING Program - Brief article about this network utility, written by its creator, Mike Muuss.
  • A Tour of the Worm - Donn Seeley tells the story of the Internet Worm of 1988 and how it effectively shut down the Internet. Proceedings of the Winter USENIX Technical Conference, San Diego, California, January 1989.
  • The World Wide Web History Project - A collaborative effort to record and publish the history of the World Wide Web and its roots in hypermedia and networking.
  • World Wide Web Journal - Published from the winter of 1996 thru the fall of 1997. All issues online, including the Fourth International World Wide Web Conference Proceedings.
  • World-Wide Web: Origins And Beyond - Lenny Zeltser describes some of the historical aspects of World-Wide Web development, as well as other forms of hypertext such as Xanadu.
  • Paul Graham - What the Bubble Got Right - Essay derived from an invited talk at ICFP 2004. Discusses the dot-com bubble and lasting lessons learned from it.
  • SearchEngineWatch: Search Engine Birthdays - It's been a little more than ten years ago that the first web search engines were born. Chris Sherman charts the dates starting with WWW Wanderer in 1993.
  • From Wartime Tool to the Fish Cam - Scott Ruthfield explores the beginnings of the Internet, development of IMPs and packet-switching, ARPAnet, TCP/IP, and NSFNet, with references.
  • A Short History of Internet Protocols at CERN - Ben Segal traces the history of the Internet at CERN.

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