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Education Software

 Educational Software

  • Math   --Practice programs for basic numeracy and literacy skills, Algebra, geometry and trigonometric software, freeware logic puzzle, software companies that produces educational products.

  • Science Software for use as a teaching tool on the Internet, science animations to download, interactive multimedia courses.

  • Education Management and Administration -- Databases and record keeping software, software for gradebooks and scheduling, server-end software with web-based client for administration at the school district level.

  • Special Education -- Software for adults or children with language, cognitive or developmental disability, autism and other special needs, peech and language therapy software

  • Pre-school software early-learning software that teaches and entertains, Software for early literacy skills which promotes open-ended activities.

  • Teachers Help Software for gradebooks, lesson planners, test authoring tools, worksheet and puzzle software.

  • Languages Foreign language training software.

  • Typing Touch-typing tutors (shareware, freeware), typing tutor with games, reviews of freeware and shareware touch-typing tutors

Computers for Kids and Teens

  • Computers K-12 Internet research tools, a computer dictionary, tutorials for new users, young adult networks.

  • Computer Games (K-12) History of video games, review of computer games, list of links for computer games.

  • Graphics Graphics for web pages including headings, buttons, arrows, and other page elements, clipart, backgrounds for use as monitor backgrounds.

  • Summer Camps day camps and sleep over camps for computer programming, computer graphics, video game design.

  • Internet Guides to get started on the internet,

  • Web Page Design Provides resources for teen web developers, including tutorials in HTML, JavaScript and C++.

  Applications, Resources and Support

  • Computer Programming  Languages and resources, articles, tutorials and tips on a range of technical subjects in programming, textbooks and training courses.

  • Robotics   Artificial intelligence, artificial life, human computer interactions, cybernetics, online discussion forum for subject related to electronics including robotics.

  • Computer Security   business services, networking security, technical surveillance counter measures, intrusion, detection systems.

  • Speech Technology   Speech recognition solutions for telephony, voice portals, automotive and consumer embedded systems, medical and legal dictation with multi-lingual capabilities.

  • Supercomputing   Information about supercomputing applications and research in the United States, current scientific and networking research information.

  • Computer Systems   Major computer systems including: sun, apple, dec, hp, palm, sgi, ibm, commodore.

  • Educational Video Games Educational games and puzzles, shareware, freeware.

  • Virtual Reality_Companies, conferences, VRML applications, 3D visualization companies,real-time simulation technologies.

  • E-Books Free online books, information on the initiative to bring electronic books to all people.

  • History of Computing Charts the evolution of computers from ancient times to the present, pictures, documents, and advertisements of classic computers from the 1970's and 1980's.

  • History of the Internet Anthology of the history of Usenet and the Internet, including descriptive as well as theoretical work

  • Help and Tutorials Discussion groups and information lists on the Internet, Usenet newsgroups, FTP sites, computer products, vendors and Internet and Web design companies.



  • K_12 Product Reviews Hardware retailers, video games, news and reviews, consumer information.

  • Product Support Resources, files, FAQs and help information to fine tune your personal computer.



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