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  • AcaStat Software - Statistical software.
  • Aces Research, Inc. - Multimedia mathematics software for consumers and educators.
  • Algebra Avenue - A tutorial program designed to provide online algebra homework help created by certified math instructors.
  • Algebra Helper - Software that helps with pre-algebra and algebra homework assignments. It provides solution steps and explanations for any problem entered by the student.
  • Algebra Homework Helper - Allows students to enter their own algebra homework problems, and then solves them step-by-step , while generating explanations.
  • Arithmetic CD - Basic K-8 arithmetic lessons with explanations, interactive practice, and challenge games.
  • Atom for Scotland - Scottish higher mathematics units interactive program for home study or classroom teaching.
  • Autograph - Dynamic software for teaching coordinate geometry and statistics.
  • Back to the Future - Computer based with animated graphics and audio instruction. Grouped in topics in a logical order to make progression nice and simple. Supported by exercises following the lesson. Offers phone tutor support. Page includes explanation of features and parents role.
  • Bagatrix Prealgebra Solved - Software includes examples, step-by-step explanations, practice test creation, detailed graphs, and guided user input.
  • Basic Skills resources - Practice programs for basic numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Beth's Answers - Software that solves algebra problems.
  • Boxer Learning - Developer of interactive multimedia math tutorial software.
  • Brain Builder - Math Edition - Program uses puzzles and games to teach arithmetic skills. Includes free download.
  • Break-Tru Software - Freeware and shareware online calculator programs for fractions, percent, payroll and conversions.
  • Bright Ideas Software - Developer of graphing software for use on computers and graphing calculators.
  • The CALFEE Project - Computer Aided Learning for Engineering Employees. Computer based mathematics tutorials.
  • CALM - Computer Aided Learning in Mathematics project.
  • Calmat - Mathematics software developed a Glasgow Caledonian University.
  • Candy Byte Software - Animated math learning games for elementary school children. Includes product list, free demonstration, and system requirement information.
  • Carnegie Learning - Features online curricula of algebra, geometry and cross-disciplinary courses.
  • CatEdu - Developer of educational math and science software that uses animation to teach the basic concepts and principles.
  • Caves Maths - Math software developer located in the United Kingdom.
  • Color Mathematics - Algebra, geometry and trigonometric software using color variations for equation elements. Gives sample illustration of product.
  • Courseware Solutions, Inc. - Software company that publishes Mathville series software for grades K through 8.
  • Creative Technology - UK publisher of mathematics software for schools and colleges.
  • Diagnosys - Diagnostic testing software for basic mathematics.
  • Dino Numbers - Educational game for ages 7-12. Derik the Dinosaur teaches basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Dr. Aardsma's Math Drill - Software drills 600 basic math facts and adapts to the individual student.
  • Easiteach - Classroom preparation software for teachers.
  • Eduscape - Company that develops computer software for algebra, calculus, and differential equations.
  • Free Elimination - Freeware logic puzzle with clues.
  • Funmaths.com - High school educational math games.
  • Future School - Interactive program to support home schooling (K-12) in mathematics and English.
  • Future School Software - Mathematics software company. Software covers geometry, algebra, and calculus.
  • Geomaths - Modular learning materials for self-study in undergraduate courses.
  • Geometria - Interactive Java program in solid geometry. 60 sample problems with resolutions.
  • GLOSCO Educational Software - This software was developed primarily to assist students with the end of grade exams that are offered in some states.
  • GNUmber Munchers Math Games - Free math software based on MECC's early 80s munchers games, with all new graphics, intuitive keyboard-controlled play, elementary and more advanced versions offered for both PC and Mac.
  • Gold Medal Math - Gold Medal Math reinforces basic math skills through ten Olympic events games.
  • GraphWizard - cartesian and polar graph plotting - A Windows program designed to quickly and easily plot and explore both cartesian and polar functions.
  • GraspMath - Provides interactive CD and video courses in Elementary Math, Algebra, Geometry, High School Exit Exam Prep, Trigonometry, Calculus and TI Calculators.
  • Halomda Educational Software - Software publisher specializing in high school mathematics and physics.
  • Hooked On Math - Featuring Hooked On Math software program.
  • Howe-Two Software - Software applications for the teaching of high school mathematics. Sample downloads and online applets.
  • INEW grade K-6 mathematics worksheet - Provider of a large mathematics database useful for practicing and sharpening various skills for students in grades K-6.
  • InfoMath Software - Software company that publishes educational math software.
  • IntelliTools - Offers a series of educational software products for students, including IntelliMathics to reinforce math skills for K-8 grades.
  • Interactive K-12 Mathematics Exercises - Developer of software to practice math skills.
  • Interactive Mathvision - Developer of interactive, educational software.
  • Internet Distance Education Academies - Interactive computer program on algebra designed primarily to the needs of the Caribbean and Latin America.
  • IronHead Freeware - [Win] Math flashcard program for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division drills. Freeware.
  • Kids Tables and Time - Software that teaches addition, subtraction, times tables, and division, plus a speaking clock to teach children to tell time.
  • Know To Know - The Art of Meta-Knowing - Program to help students at elementary schools to creatively compose and answer mathematical problems by themselves then ask their peers to solve and compare their solutions to each other with their teachers as arbitrators.
  • Leaning Pine Software - Math worksheets software generates printed math practice sheets for math help in grades K through 8. Handles addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for integers, decimals, and negatives.
  • Learn Basic Math Skills with MathFacts - An educational study aid designed to help elementary school students master their math facts quickly.
  • Learn Your Basic Math Facts - QuickFacts is a software that allows students to master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division processes. It covers the most common facts in elementary math.
  • Learning Season - Software company that produces educational products, including software for learning mulitplication tables.
  • Literka - Offers free downloads to online constructions with a ruler and a compass. Also, has zip files to practice fraction and equations. Includes some polyhedra projects and related links.
  • LiveMath Maker - Computer algebra and graphing software for Macintosh and Windows.
  • Living Worksheets for Mathematics - Offers printable exercise pages for arithmetic and algebra. Includes illustrated examples and demos. To be used with the Excel program.
  • Magic Math Kingdom - Math quizzes and games involving animals.
  • Maple Tree Learning Center - Programs contain exercises addition problems, multiplication tables, and division. Includes explanation about how the lessons are presented. Page also has a weekly quiz.
  • Math Addict - Math flashcard software created to improve speed and accuracy in the areas of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Math Driller - Shareware that helps to improve arithmetic operations with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Provides screenshots and downloads.
  • Math Flash Cards - Used for children to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Can change the difficulty level by choosing the number range. Includes illustrations of the program.
  • Math Race Game - Improve your math skills with Math Race game. It teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and elementary algebra. For children of all ages and grades.
  • Math Resources, Inc. - Software company that specializes in demonstration software for mathematics teachers.
  • Math Skill Builders - Software for learning basic arithmetic skills at home and school.
  • MathAid - Interactive mathematics self-study online and offline educational software with hands-on tutorials, problem-solving lessons, and customizable tests. Free on-line demonstrations, on-line purchasing.
  • Mathbiz.com - Free interactive math problems.
  • MathConnect.com - Online unit conversion software.
  • Mathematical Activities CD - A collection of 118 mathematical activities is available - 50 activities on numbers (K-3), 25 mathematical thinking activities and 25 strategy board games (4 - adult)
  • The Mathematical Explorer - Interactive software to explore mathematical topics. Based on Mathematica notebooks but stand-alone. Windows/Mac. On-line purchase.
  • MathExer - Exercises on maths - Features random skills exercises.
  • MathGen Math Worksheet Generator - A math worksheet generating program for K-6 educators and parents. Practice basic arithmetic facts.
  • MathGen Software - Sample math worksheets for K-6 educators and parents.
  • MathMedia Educational Software, Inc. - Software company that publishes math courseware for grades 5 to 12.
  • Maths Connections - Tutorial mathematics software for basic math up through algebra. (UK)
  • Maths Files - Includes downloads for algebra, trigonometry and statistics. Some require the use of Excel programming. Designed for the UK. A and AS level, ages 16 to 19. Includes resource links.
  • MathWare - Mail order retailer of math software and graphing calculator books for high school and college.
  • MathWiz - Electronic flashcard software to practice math problems.
  • ModuMath Basic Math and Algebra - Software designed for adult and high school learners who struggle with math. Lesssons explain the problem-solving process one step at a time, using real-life applications of mathematical concepts.
  • Neufeld and Associates - Authors and creators of the Understanding Math programs for grades 4 to 10.
  • Newt - Maths Made Visible - Graphing software package to visually aid the study of calculus, numerical methods, and dynamical systems. Windows; free download of demo version.
  • Number Cross TM - Software game that provides practice in the four basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Number Sense Computerized - Software designed to teach math skills by using mental math shortcuts and math tricks.
  • O-MAIL - Internet tool for geometry instruction.
  • Pacific Tech - Educational math software developer.
  • PACT - Offers algebra tutorial programs to be used in classrooms. Includes list of personnel and contact information.
  • Pedagoguery Software - Educational software developer.
  • Polymath Love - Macintosh programs for middle school mathematics.
  • PolyMod Polyhedron Modeler - Daniel B. Grunberg's experimental software program that allows the user to create, manipulate, and print three-dimensional polyhedrons. Free download of evaluation copy. Windows.
  • Ray's EduSoft - Math learning software featuring arithmetic operations, math puzzles, and problem solving questions.
  • ReYCarr Software - Programs for basic mathematics, prealgebra, beginning and intermediate algebra.
  • Riverdeep Interactive Learning - Developer of educational software, including software for mathematics instruction.
  • Rob's Learning Fun - Provider of several programs, many animated, which help students conquer addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Schoolbus Software - Software company that produces math programs for pre-school through high school.
  • SmartMath.com - Web-based tutorial software program for basic mathematics up through algebra.
  • Softbasics Software - Free Windows math software for children ages 6-12. Printable math activities, word problems, onscreen activities.
  • Solving Math Word Problems - A self-help math tutor for grades 6 to 12.
  • Spatial Geometry - Input a planes and lines to create a three dimensional graph. Can be rotated to see different views. Includes illustrations and free demo.
  • SpeedDrillMath - A flash card software program designed to help build proficiency in basic math skills.
  • StudyWorks Online - Publisher of mathematics software.
  • SureMath problem solving software - Program for teachers, students, and anyone else who uses math to solve problems. It provides a problem solving structure that makes it easy for students to solve free form word problems.
  • TableTrainer - A math program designed to assist the learning of multiplication tables.
  • Taylor's Learning Math Collection - Collection of math problems at varying levels.
  • Taylor's Math Software - Offers workbook creator, quizzes for students and SAT test preparation programs.
  • Teachers' Choice Software - Math help and algebra homework help software packages for high school students.
  • Trachtenberg Speed Math - Speed math software based on Jakow Trachtenberg's algorithms.
  • Transmath - Interactive mathematics tutorial software.
  • Universal Math Solver - Software that provides step-by-step solutions of equations that are entered.
  • Valgetal - Mathematics game played with falling numbers.
  • William K. Bradford Publishing - Software publisher with mathematics software from pre-school through high school.
  • Wolverhampton Project - Test generating software for mathematics and statistics.
  • XLMathematics - A set of workbooks for Microsoft Excel for calculus and linear algebra.

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