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  • AIMSTAR Educational Software - [Win] Producers of 'Earth Science', an educational, interactive, multimedia CD-ROM that helps users explore our Earth.
  • Animations for Undergraduate Education - [Win-Mac] Science animations to download for a variety of topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Anne and Bernard Scott Producers of Educational Software - [Win] Software to aid the teaching of science at high school level using graphics and animation.
  • Aurora Educational Technologies - [Win-Mac] Educational technology solutions for Science subjects
  • Boomeria Formula Club - [Win-Mac-DOS] Chemistry formula drill software. Randomly generates formulas from a saved ion list. Automatically scores student responses. Also prints study sheets.
  • Computopia - [Win] Software for learning mathematics and physics: experiment simulators, analytic geometry, cellular automata, game of life, percolation, chaos.
  • Connected - [Win-Mac] Digital museums of Earth and Space images.
  • DARE Software - [Win - Mac] Information and demos for animated physics practice, science practice,and park science projects.
  • Digital Frog International - [Win Mac] Natural science software for virtual frog dissection and field trips. Includes product and company information, online ordering, technical support and user resources.
  • Dreamland Interactive - [Win - Mac] The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM. A presentation of the entire UFO Phenomenon. Online ordering.
  • EOA Scientific Systems - [Win-Mac] Multimedia Earth and Space science educational software.
  • Evalutel Multimedia - [Win] Educational software on CD-ROM for high schools in math and physics.
  • Falcon Software - [Win-Mac] Educational science software in general Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Environmental Science and Electronics. On-line ordering available.
  • Focus Educational Software - [Win] Software designed for people preparing for GCSE Design and Technology and GCSE Science. Downloadable demo.
  • High School Science Software - Ceres Software Corporation - Motivating software for high school students in physics and chemistry courses. Additional software teaches how to assemble balsa wood bridges and educational electric motors.
  • Interactive Learning Inc. - [Win] Includes educational CDs for biology, chemistry, and physics for high school and college students.
  • InterNetwork Media - [Win - Mac] A developer of educational CD-ROM titles relating to the Earth and environment in close collaboration with the USGS and NOAA.
  • MCH Multimedia - [Win-Mac] Producer of chemistry and physics interactive multimedia courses. Available on CD-ROM and online through ESD technology.
  • Medical and Science Media - Reseller of medical and science software, CD-ROMs, teaching slides and video tapes. For use in high schools, colleges, universities and hospitals.
  • Medical Multimedia Systems - [Win] Software for modelling various parts of the human body for medical students.
  • Personal Tutor Educational Software - [Win] Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry software for ages 12 - 18 for Australian schools.
  • Pintar VirtuaLab Series - [Win] Secondary level interactive virtual laboratory software for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Seeds Software - [Win - Mac] Comprehensive science themes complete with lessons and hands-on activities.
  • Shareware Simulations for Physical Science - [Win] Simulations that allow the student to simulate using lab equipment for Maths, Physics and Engineering
  • Smart Science Internet Education - [Win-Mac] Software for use as a teaching tool on the Internet. Uses real experiments and a heuristic teaching process.
  • Spartan Software - [Win] Science education software. Chemistry and physics software programs covering many of the typical topics in these courses. Site provides screen shots and online ordering.
  • Stark Design, Inc. - [Win - Mac] Molecular Dynamics Science software simulates atoms in motion. Demonstrates the physics of chemistry.
  • Tangent Scientific - [Win] A software firm offering software in a variety of subjects in science
  • Toadstool Workshop - [Win] Interactive CD titled "The Secret Lives of Mushrooms" highlights the growth of mushrooms over time using movies.
  • UK Earth Science Courseware Consortium - [Win-Mac] Software for earth science teaching and learning.
  • USMLE Software - [Win] Boards Prep Interactive provides USMLE preparation software for medical students (step 1 is currently available, and step 2 is coming soon)
  • Virtual Academia - Offers tutorial for dynamics
  • VisCon: Math and Physics Graphical Demonstration Software - [Win] Designed for the understanding of integration, projectile motion, central force, and centripetal force.
  • Wildridge Software Inc - [Win-Mac] Interdisciplinary educational software for use in homeschool education or public school education. Software designed for middle school and high school students.
  • World-In-Motion - [Win] Physics video analysis software.

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