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  • Inhope - Internet Hotline Providers *Cool Site* - Providing contact details and resources for reporting online child abuse in many countries around the world.
  • ActivatorDesk - Desktop browser system allows control of web sites visited and programs run using an on-board personal portal system for parental control.
  • Be Safe Online - Internet Safety advice for parents, teachers and responsible adults. Encourages child safety through careful online behaviour.
  • Be Web Aware - Tutorial and tips for parents on the benefits and risks of being on the Internet
  • BestChildSafety.com - Helpful tips and information for protecting children against the very real dangers of Internet sexual predators. Includes a full review about the IamBigBrother parental control software for monitoring child safety online.
  • BytesCanada - Informational site with articles on internet safety, online pornography, child exploitation and miscellaneous related topics.
  • Child Safety FAQ - Frequently asked questions about child safety on the internet
  • Child Safety on the Information Highway - Put out by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, this document outlines how parents can best protect their children while still allowing them use of the Internet.
  • Child Safety-Net - Promotes "Child Safety-Net" book. Site also has newsletter backissues and links, relating to protection of children online.
  • Childoscope - Organisation promoting integrated European policies on missing and sexually exploited children. An initiative of "Child Focus" (Belgium).
  • Children Accessing Controversial Information - Email list of a community of people interested in discussing these issues and developing helpful materials.
  • Children Online - Offers a variety of presentations and programs for schools, students and parents, on subjects such as online safety issues and solutions, and online harassment. Also offers short safety video excerpts for download.
  • Children's Internet Protection Act - A new bill (S.97, 19 January 1999) before the US Congress to require schools to introduce filtering software to school computers.
  • Children's Safe Internet - Protected internet software for all ages, comprising controlled access browser, safe search engine and game -styled interface. Monthly fee based
  • ChildSafetyExperts - Articles and recommended reading about online safety topics.
  • CleanMyMailbox - Service providing web-based parental control of the email coming into children's mailboxes.
  • Content Purity - Free online parental control software to check computer for objectionable content.
  • COPA Commission - Information and resources about the Child Online Protection Act.
  • CyberAngels - Comprehensive resource focusing on Internet Safety matters. Offers guidance for parents, and provides information and solutions to common internet safety issues.
  • CyberCop Guide - A downloadable ebook about Internet child saftey. Written by an actual police detective, it teaches what parents can do to protect their children from becoming a victim or from victimizing others while on the Internet.
  • Enough Is Enough - Substantial resource related to making the internet a safer place for children. Contains information, reports, articles, and useful links.
  • Family Edge - Parents Page - Offers parents information about online internet safety and education technology help - a database driven site with a large amount original content.
  • Family Guardian - Provides filtered web access. By installing a client on the user's computer and redirecting all traffic through the FamGuard servers, the content is analyzed and filtered or blocked before delivery.
  • Family Internet - Resources and tips to keep your family safe. From About.com.
  • FreedomISP Foundation - Child advocacy organization, initiating education programs for parents.
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Complying With The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) - Crucial legal, technical, and strategic information about the Children's Internet Protection Act.
  • GetNetWise.org - A public service brought by Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations to help insure that families have safe, constructive, and educational or entertaining online experiences.
  • Hyperdyne Software - Snitch uses smart algorithms to detect obscene images, movies, and inappropriate internet activity.
  • IM-Protector - Software for monitoring children's instant messaging usage on services such as Yahoo, AOL and MSN.
  • International Child Center (ICC) - Resource offering general information about child protection, including some internet safety topics.
  • Internet Filters.net - A list of internet filtering products and comparison data for parents and teachers.
  • Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet - Companion site to the book 'Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet'. Easy-to-understand guide shows parents how to protect their kids from pedophiles, pornography, pop-ups, viruses and spyware.
  • Kid Innovation - Razzul is a kid-friendly browser, offering access to pre-approved sites and spam-free email. Parents can also review their child's internet usage and communications.
  • Kid Safe Mail - Child safe email experience without spam, pornography or viruses.
  • Kid Smart - Practical online safety advice for teachers and parents, with lesson plans, online activities and resources.
  • KidDefense.org - Police officers providing online safety information for children and parents. Includes details of baiting techniques used by online predators.
  • KidMail - Filtered email service, offering graphical mail tools for youngsters. Parents have control over incoming messages, mail from unknown senders can be quarantined.
  • KidRocket - Kid-safe web browser works by limiting access to just a small collection of hand-picked educational and fun sites. Simple but effective, offered as freeware.
  • KidSplorer - Web browser protecting kids by only allowing access to pre-approved sites, offers additional parental control such as scheduled access times.
  • Kidz Privacy - Educates kids, parents, and businesses about the privacy rights of children online. Site provided by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.
  • KIKS - Keeping Internet Kids Safe - A small collection of articles about online safety topics, as well as some links, and newsletter archives.
  • KinderMail - Software solution to protect your child from unsolicited, offensive email.
  • KinderStart - Filtered email accounts which prevent profanity in email messages.
  • The Librarian's Guide to Cyberspace for Parents and Kids - An introduction to the internet with an emphasis on child safety.
  • Max - Provides a service to filter a range of online activities including web, chat, email, instant messaging and file-sharing.
  • Moms And Dads - Offers integrated web suite for children including web browser, talking email and talking chat. Limits browsing access to known "kid safe" sites.
  • Mothers Of America - Offers information, links to software, and resources to help parents keep children safe on the Internet.
  • Msqf WebGuardian - Internet chatroom monitoring software, helps to protect your children when chatting with Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ and mIRC.
  • Net Family News - A weekly electronic news service to inform and educate parents, families and caregivers of children who spend time online.
  • NetAlert - NetAlert's objective is to promote a safer Internet experience, particularly for young people and their families. An independent community advisory body established in late 1999 by the Australian government.
  • NetProtector - Hardware solution designed to prevent modem access to the internet when parental supervision is not possible, by means of a key-lockable switch.
  • NetSafeKids - Companion site of The National Academies report, "Youth, Pornography, and the Internet".
  • NetSmartz - Educational resource from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Discusses various internet safety topics.
  • Operation SafetyNet - The Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force provides information to help protect families from the dangers of Internet child sexual exploitation.
  • The Police Notebook - A law enforcement site promoting safety and crime prevention for kids.
  • Prevent Kids From Using the Computer at Night - Overview of methods & recommendations for preventing kids from using the computer at night unsupervised.
  • ProtectKids.org - Provides cases, statistics, and solutions dealing with dangers to children on the Internet.
  • PsychPage Family Resources - Links to several software products aimed at protecting children online, and blocking objectionable web sites. Includes a few links to larger related sites.
  • Safe Surfin' Central - Site dedicated to educating children of all ages and parents in the processes of safe Internet usage.
  • SafeKids - Contains information about the dangers of children using the internet. Rules, advice, and tips relating to child security and the web.
  • The Safer Internet - Frozen site of the European Union's The Safer Internet Exchange project. News, press releases and links concerning Internet safety.
  • Saferinternet - European project aiming to promote safer use of the internet, including resources and activities for parents and kids in a variety of European languages.
  • SaferNet Roadshow - Aims to provide awareness and education through community events in the UK and Europe.
  • SafeTeens.Com - A guide to teen safety on the Internet.
  • SoftEyes - Monitor and limit computer use by a schedule. See everything, web, e-mail, chat, and instant messages both on and off the Internet.
  • SurfBuddies - SurfBuddies offers Child Safe internet access products. SurfBuddes' products are designed with total child internet safety in mind.
  • Surfing Safely for Children - Page of hints and tips concerning safe internet usage for children, including pointers for parents.
  • Taking Care on the Net - Advice for schools on child safety on the internet, and acceptable use policies.
  • Technology Inventory - Teaches parents what tools are available for choosing and filtering online content for their children.
  • Web Wise Kids - Teaching children how to make their online experience safe, using an educational CD-Rom game.
  • WiredKids, Online Safety For Kids and Teens - A variety of online safety information, as well as online & offline projects involving organizations like Disney. Aimed at both adults and children.
  • Wise Kids - Works with communities, libraries, youth organisations, local education authorities, schools and businesses throughout Wales and elsewhere, to raise awareness of positive and safe Internet use.
  • ZKid Network - Provides a child-safe web-browsing experience, including a list of pre-approved sites, filtered chat, and fun interactive characters. Also offering a separate Christian-based version.
  • ZooBuh - Email service for families, with a range of parental control features.
  • Parenthood Web - Child Safety on the Information Superhighway



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