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A.S. in Criminal Investigations

A.S. in Criminal Investigations The Criminal Investigations program offers the fundamentals of crime scene investigation (CSI) science and theory. After training in this program, graduates may work in federal, state and local governments, forensic laboratories, medical examiners offices, hospitals, insurance companies, universities, arson investigation units, homicide investigations, or laboratories. Graduates may also be employed as independent forensic science consultants, fingerprint technicians, print examiners, forensic investigators, evidence technician, or in private investigation.

B.S. Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program provides a broad understanding of the criminal justice system and prepares graduates for entry-level career opportunities in probation, corrections, immigration, and case/social work. The program includes a comprehensive study of the United States court systems, correctional organizations, and law enforcement agencies. The curriculum is designed to offer a balance of theory and application that will prove to be challenging to students, and useful in the field. The Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice enhances the study of the criminal justice system and expands into areas such as gang activity, drug operations, probation, and criminal justice management. This provides students with a broader study for criminal justice's concepts and theories. Students in the Bachelor's program can further their education by taking optional courses in computer crime, cultural diversity for law enforcement, or concepts in criminal law.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Do you want to contribute to the betterment of society? Further your knowledge of crime and the criminal justice system through a comprehensive study in the areas of theory, research methods and statistics, policy and administration. The program will prepare you for management positions in probation, corrections, immigration, law enforcement, and security. The curriculum offers a balance of theory and application in the areas of: Law Ethics Crime and Criminology Applied research methods Critical issues in criminal justice Statistical methods Constitutional theory Management skills Victimology


B.S. in Criminal Justice/Computer Crime -- Kaplan University Online

This area is designed to provide you with a sound understanding of the basics of computer crime. You'll examine the nature of computer crime and its possible impact on business and society, the investigation of computer crime, the legal implications of monitoring crime in cyberspace, the protection of digital assets, and computer forensics.

Forensic Nursing Certificate -- Kaplan University Online

If you are a registered nurse interested in investigative sciences and victim advocacy, consider the challenging and emerging field of forensic nursing. With the Forensic Nursing Certificate, you can confidently pursue a wide array of exciting career opportunities, including positions in medical examiners' offices, law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, and specialized hospital units. Forensic nurses may be called to a crime scene or accident to work with detectives, collect evidence, and take tissue and blood samples. Forensic nurses treat survivors of assaults or violent accidents, and victims of negligence, abuse, or violent crimes. The job is fast-paced and challenging, with real issues at stake.

BS in Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology

Learn the value of psychology within the context of the criminal justice system. In this program you will enhance your ability to identify and interact with mentally ill individuals, intervene in crisis situations, and understand the impact of crime on its victims and the community. As a graduate, you may qualify for advanced positions within police departments and law enforcement agencies, as well as opportunities in social services and the judicial system. Courses include: Psychology Introduction to Forensic Psychology Police Psychology Abnormal Psychology Crisis Intervention

KBSCJ/Crime Analysis

If you are seeking to advance your career in law enforcement, private security, or corrections or to pursue entry-level opportunities, the online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program will help you meet your career goals. This degree provides you with a solid foundation in criminal justice and a broad liberal arts education. The Web based baccalaureate program is designed to combine the professional skills of specialized areas of criminal justice with research and analytical skills. As a graduate of this program you may seek opportunities in law enforcement, corrections, probation, parole, fraud investigation, or juvenile justice facilities.

Crime Scene Technician Certificate
Kaplan University Online

Train online for a career helping law enforcement solve cases in CSI (crime scene investigation). Police and other law enforcement agencies depend on the expertise of professional crime scene technicians to uncover evidence that will stand up in a court of law. This meticulous process requires a keen eye, an analytical mind, and dedication to cracking the case. You’ll learn to oversee crime scene investigations, and secure crime scenes before conducting a search for evidence.


Homeland Security and Emergency Management--Work to secure America. Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Management degree online from Ashford University and gain a broad view of emergency preparedness and security.

Ashford University


Master of Science in Criminal Justice in Criminal Behavior

The Criminal Behavior concentration is designed for students interested in examining the relationship between Psychology and the Criminal Justice system. Students will develop knowledge and expertise in crisis intervention, counseling, psychopathology, personality assessment, and research methods. The Criminal Behavior concentration is offered in the three semester format and is only available online.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice in Crime Analysis

Students are given a theoretical overview of crime analysis along with applied knowledge. Curriculum in this concentration focuses on problem-solving skills, contemporary issues and trends, research methods, and relevant computer applications.

Tiffin University


American InterContinental University is also introducing a BSCJ with a concentration in Forensic Science for those students interested in career opportunities like Crime Scene Analyst, Non-Sworn Forensic Personnel and many others. This course of study offers an opportunity to study career-focused course material that includes: Clear explanations of the techniques, abilities and limitations within the field of forensic science and its applications to criminal investigations. Forensic science techniques of criminal investigations, how to process a crime scene and notify the next of kin. Appropriate techniques to safeguard evidence and interact with investigative authorities.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Forensic Science--American InterContinental University Online


Grand Canyon University -- Criminal , Political and Social Sciences

Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies prepares students to enter careers in law enforcement, governmental and private agencies, research, social work, political science, and a variety of other fields. The Master of Science in Criminal Justice is designed for students seeking to expand their understanding of the law, social order, and justice. This program is particularly suited to law enforcement personnel who wish to advance in their field. -- read more -- Grand Canyon University -- Criminal , Political and Social Sciences


USC School of Social Work, Online

Ranked #12 in the 2015 Best Graduate Schools in Social Work by U.S. News & World Report.
Offers more specialization opportunities than any other social work program, with 10 concentrations and sub-concentrations and 8 dual-degree programs.
The first elite researching university to offer a Master of Social Work degree online.

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