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North Carolina State Drivers License Page

General Information about Driver Licenses

Graduated Licensing: Permit Eligibility/Requirements --Permit Renewal/Replacement-- Fees Driver's Handbook--Driver Safety --Suspensions & Revocations-- Driver Education


Commerical Driver's Information

Commercial Trucking:

License Eligibility/Requirements --License Renewal/Replacement Fees ---CDL Driver's Manual-- Driving Safely CDL Skill Testing Sites-- Suspensions & Revocations-- Positive Drug Test Report - CDL-8-- Substance Abuse Professional Verification and Registry Form

Test Preparation-- Practice Test -- Manuals



Driver Education

Driver Education

Step 1: Requirements

Step 2: Classes-Where, When, & What

Step 3: Getting Your Learner Permit


Find your local Branch Office


Driver's License Customer Service Centers

North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles



CONTENTS:Driver Licenses, Owning a Vehicle, License Plates, Registration...


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