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-US Agencies

Department of Education
National Science Foundation
Department of Health and Human Services
US Department of Agriculture
National Institute of Health
Department of Energy
Department of Labor

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In addition most US government agencies participate in the education process, see: Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

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International Agencies/Ministries of Education:

(English only

The National Curriculum (United Kingdom) New 2006 Level 'A' Singapore Curriculum Plans Australia
British Columbia South Africa Ontario
Hong Kong New Zealand  


Educational Ministries UNESCO


Educational Ministries UNESCO


-Private Agencies

Reading and Writing:

Whole Language Umbrella -- Laubach Literacy -- International Reading Association -- National Literacy Community -- The National Literacy Trust(UK) -- Project Read -- English Learning and Achievement-----

History and Geography:

National History Education Network
World History Association -- Natl. Council for History Education -- American Historical Association -- AASLH, State and Local History -- Natl. Council for Geography Educat. -- Association of American Geographers -- National Conference Economics --

Art and Music: National Association for Music -- Music Teachers National Association -- Center for Civic Education Music -- National Art Education Association --

Reform and Policy: National Center for Policy Analysis -- Thomas B. Fordham Foundation -- Edreform -- Core Knowledge -- Association Montessori Internationale

International Private Organizations:

UNESCO Databases Contain data for both pre- and higher education.

IEA International Education Agency of Papua New Guinea.

--Analysis of Educational Systems--

An An Appraisal of Science Standards in 36 States - Lawrence S. Lerner California
TIMSS (Third International Math and Science Study: - TIMSS International Study Center computers.
The Deming Approach to Education: A Comparative Study of the USA and Japan. -- Kosaku Yoshida
A Brief Overview of Japanese and American Educational Systems from Preschool to Secondary Education -- Darrell Tepp, Purdue University
Why Do Asians do well at School?
Japanese Educational System
Training and Education in Japan
Math Lessons from Japan The TIMSS and the Truth
Science education international
A Comparison of Class Hours Between Japan and the US
Classroom scene in a Japanese junior high school class
TIMSS Deutschland


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