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Listed below are selected Airline and Aviation Schools with a brief description of their programs. For additional information for each school you will have to click on the links below and then fill out the necessary information each school requests.

Everglades University

Aviation Technology The Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Aviation Technology combines an aviation technical specialty with a solid general education. Whether a student is preparing to embark on an aviation career or is already an established professional in the aviation field, he/she will be prepared to meet the challenges of the diverse and dynamic aviation industry. Additionally, FAA certifications and ratings in Air Traffic Control, Aviation Maintenance, Flight Operations, Dispatch Operations and/or Military Aviations Operations may be evaluated for transfer credit>>>>. B.S. Degree in Aviation Technology

The Master's Degree in Aviation Science will allow aviation professionals to significantly enhance their overall knowledge of the aviation and aerospace industry, in addition to pursuing more exhilarating and challenging careers. This program is designed for the aviation professional and will provide you with a broad-based curriculum so that you are able to expand your knowledge and become more accomplished within the aviation and aerospace industry. As a graduate, you will be prepared for a beyond entry-level occupation in aviation. Coursework includes but is not limited to classes in airfield operations and management, aerospace simulation systems, security for the aviation industry, aerospace communications systems and airway transportation systems.>>>> M.S. Degree in Aviation Science

Everglades University

San Joaquin Valley College --Aviation Maintenance Technology

San Joaquin Valley College is an accredited private junior college committed to the professional success of its students and graduates. With a core of general education courses alongside specialized career training, SJVC enables graduates to receive their Associate of Science degree in addition to any career specific certifications and licensure preparedness.

San Joaquin Valley College

National Aviation Academy - Tampa Area Florida
also located in Bedford, Massachus

Train for aviation maintenance jobs with aviation maintenance technology training from National Aviation Academy. As a leading aviation maintenance school, National Aviation Academy has provided quality avionics technology and aviation maintenance technology training for over 37 years in the Tampa Bay area.

National Aviation Academy

Hayward Flight

Hayward Flight is fully qualified under the FAA regualtions to instruct all students through a series of ground instruction and flight instruction. We only believe that teaching and instructing at the greatest possible efficiency will save the student time, money, and energy. Hayward Flight is equipped with simulator technology and specially designed training enviroments to provide safe, reliable, quality pilot training. Success to us means a "Pilot In Command".

Hayward Flight

Crimson Technical College

Crimson Technical College is dedicated to providing quality skill-based programs that provide students with the knowledge, education, and credentials needed to launch, enhance, or change careers.

Aviation Program Certificate--The 17.5 month long Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) program is divided into 14 units of instruction. The curriculum includes three general units, five Airframe units, and five Powerplant units and an Inspection and Review unit.

Crimson Technical College

Hallmark College of Aeronautics -- San Antonio, Texas

Airframe Technology Powerplant Technology

Airframe and Powerplant Technicians are needed to keep aircraft in peak operating condition. They perform scheduled maintenance; make repairs and complete inspections required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA requires the A&P certification of individuals who perform inspections, maintenance, and mechanical repair of all licensed American aircraft.

Hallmark College of Aeronautics

New England Institute of Technology

Aviation Science Technology and Flight Training --Associates in Science Degree-- The Aviation Science Technology Associate Degree program combines academic studies and flight training to prepare graduates for a wide variety of positions within the air transportation industry, including general, airline, and corporate aviation.

The curriculum provides the flight training necessary to operate in the high-density environment of modern airspace. All flight training courses are taken at an FAA-certified and licensed facility. Through the course of the Associate in Science Degree in Aviation Science Technology program, students will be eligible to take the following Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification examinations: Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Pilot, and Flight Instructor. Students will be eligible to take the Instrument Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine, and Multi-Engine Instructor certification examinations through the course of the Associate in Science Degree in Advanced Aviation Science Technology.

New England Institute of Technology

Redstone College of Aviation --Denver, Colorado.

Redstone College offers a wide variety of programs in Avionics, Airframe and Powerplant, Construction Management, and HVAC/R curricula

The A&P Program at Redstone is fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in accordance with 14CFR Part 147. This means you will be ready to take the FAA certification exam in as little as 18 months and be well-prepared to find an entry-level position in the airframe and powerplant industry.

Redstone College of Aviation

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology -- Tulsa, Oklahoma

Pilot Program --At Spartan you can gain the knowledge and skills required to pursue a pilot career of your choice: General aviation, Aerial photography, Flight instruction, corporate aviation, regional or major airline industry.

Aviation Maintenance -- The people who inspect, maintain, and repair aircraft must be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration. In Spartanís Aviation Maintenance Technology training program, not only will you gain the knowledge and skill required to obtain your FAA airframe and powerplant licenses, you will also gain the confidence and training required for top performance on the job in aviation maintenance.

Avionics --No experience required! Spartan will take you through intense electronics technician core classes that can give you the state-of-the-industry knowledge and skills required to specialize in aviation electronics (avionics).

Quality Control/Nondestructive Testing -- The Nondestructive Testing (NDT) program at Spartan is a diploma program in nondestructive testing that offers you a short training time and high job demand! You will develop the knowledge and skill required to perform sophisticated testing techniques such as X-ray, liquid dye penetrant, magnetic particle testing, and ultrasonic testing that are required in many different industries. You

Degree Studies --Students desiring to be more competitive in their chosen professions may be interested in completing an associate of applied science degree. Spartan offers associate degrees for our Aviation Maintenance, Avionics, Quality Control, and Flight Programs.

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology

US Flight Academy

US Flight Academy is an FAA approved CFR Part 141 flight school, insuring the utmost in quality and safety. We offer all levels of flight training for rentals, sport, business, or professional flyer. Aircraft maintenance, avionics installation, and avionics repair are available in our state of the art repair facilities.

US Flight Academy

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