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As a result of continuing Congressional and public interest in disease prevention research and the evolution of prevention science, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Prevention Research Coordinating Committee (PRCC) examined the existing 1984 definition of prevention research to determine whether it was in need of revision. The goal was to ensure that a definition of prevention research communicates the breadth and depth of prevention research funded by NIH while also retaining sufficient specificity to be of practical value.

Research on disease prevention is an important part of the NIH mission. The Institutes and Centers have a broad portfolio of prevention research and training, as well as programs to disseminate the findings to scientists, health professionals, and the public. Ultimately, knowledge gained from NIH supported prevention research enables the application of sound science in clinical practice, health policy, and community health programs, thereby improving the health of the public.

In 1984, an NIH definition of prevention research was developed and agreed upon by the NIH Institutes, Centers and Offices, and subsequently adopted as the United States Public Health Service working definition of prevention. In 2007, the NIH Prevention Research Coordinating Committee (PRCC) reviewed and modified the 1984 definition based on the current state of the science.

It is important to note that the proposed definition of prevention research provided below is a general model. We recognize that individual Institutes and Centers may adapt the definition to best reflect their missions and the state of knowledge in their respective scientific fields.

PRCC Definition of Prevention Research

Prevention research encompasses research designed to yield results directly applicable to identifying and assessing risk, and to developing interventions for preventing or ameliorating high-risk behaviors and exposures, the occurrence of disease/disorder/injury, or the progression of detectable but asymptomatic disease. Prevention research also includes research studies to develop and evaluate disease prevention and health promotion recommendations and public health programs.

The definition includes the following categories of research:

  • Identification of modifiable risk and protective factors for diseases/disorders/injuries;
  • Studies on assessment of risk, including genetic susceptibility;
  • Development of methods for screening and identification of markers for those at risk for onset or progression of asymptomatic diseases/disorders, or at risk for adverse high risk behaviors/injuries;
  • Development and evaluation of interventions to promote health for groups of individuals without recognized signs or symptoms of the target condition;
  • Translation of proven effective prevention interventions into practice;
  • Effectiveness studies that examine factors related to the organization, management, financing, and adoption of prevention services and practices; and
  • Methodological and statistical procedures for assessing risk and measuring the effects of preventive interventions.



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