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 Integrated Math and Science Applets

The Interactive Library is about "real interactivity"! The database contains hundreds of activities that make use of sophisticated java, vrml and shockwave programs.

If you are unfamiliar with java or shockwave take a look at these sample programs.

-Teachers Create your own activity sheet to go with the prgrams and your students are set for a new experience.

-Students Use these programs to supplement your classroom activities, or use one of the more advanced applets as a starting point for your science project.

-Parents Use these programs to supplement your childs homework.

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Integrated Math and Science HS

Patterns in Nature (BU)
Unit 1: Monte Carlo Estimation of Pi
Unit 2: Can You Beat Randomness?
Unit 3: One-Dimensional Random Walk
Unit 4: Two-Dimensional Random Walk
Unit 5: The Anthill and Molecular Motion
Unit 6: Diffusion Limited Aggregation
Unit 7: The Self-Avoiding Walk
Unit 8: Fractal Coastlines
Unit 9: Forest Fires and Percolation
Unit 10: Directed Percolation

Chime tutorials

Structure of the Alkanes and an introduction to constitutional isomerism
MathMol tutorial I. II,

Calculators and Data Analysis

Scientific Conversions Calculator 
Graphing Applet
Free conversion applet
Free simple plot
Write and plot a function
Virtual Abacus
Roman Numerals Calculator
Graphing Analyzer of Experimental Data






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