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Rubber band

A rubber band (in some regions known as a binder, elastic or lacky band (Aus.) ) is a short length of rubber formed in the shape of a loop. Such bands are typically used to hold objects together. The rubber band was invented in England on March 17, 1845 by Stephen Perry.

Rubber bands (known also as Elastic Bands) are sometimes used to power model aircraft or other mechanical toys.

Because of the rebound property resulting from a rubber band's elasticity, rubber bands can also be used as projectiles. The easiest way of doing this is to place one end on the index finger and hold the other with the opposite hand's index finger and thumb. When the latter end is let go, the band will release. Rubber band guns also exist to fire rubber bands, and are generally more accurate.

Rubber bands sting if shot at point-blank range against bare skin, but are generally harmless. However, it is best to avoid firing them at another person's face or eyes, bare skin, or at close range.

Rubber bands can also be tied together to create a Chinese jump rope. Many rubber bands wrapped one by one around a core will form a bouncy rubber band ball.





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