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Safety pin

A safety pin.
A safety pin.

A safety pin is a device most commonly used to attach two pieces of fabric together. The safety pin was invented in July of 1849 by Walter Hunt. The rights to the invention were sold for $400.

Made of rigid but bendable metal, it is activated by squeezing the parallel sides inwards. It is safe because the sharp needle tip is covered when the safety pin is closed. It is used for clothing and other cloth that has no special provision for attaching such as buttons or a zipper, and for provisional repair in the case of some imperfections of clothing. The safety pin pierces and goes through the surface of the material with its sharp end then joins back up to a shielded end on itself holding the object in place. Not only is the safety pin useful, but it is also used as a fashion accessory by punks of both the past and present. The safety pin is strong, safe and very durable. Safety pins are very common and inexpensive.

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