Listed below are selected online schools with a brief description of their programs. For additional information for each school you will have to click on the links below and then fill out the necessary information each school requests.


What is Information Science?

Information science is an interdisciplinary field primarily concerned with the analysis, collection, classification, manipulation, storage, retrieval, movement, dissemination, and protection of information.

Syracuse University -- School of Information Studies

Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies offers a Master of Science in Information Management degree delivered online. The program prepares information professionals to design and manage mission-critical information technologies within organizations. Students will learn to leverage IT resources for strategic advantages, improve organization-wide information management, and develop more effective IT policies for government, corporate and nonprofit organizations.

The program prepares students to increase the effectiveness of managers and executives who work with information resources; Design and manage mission-critical information technologies within organizations; develop corporate and government policies to maximize the benefits resulting from the widespread use of these technologies; and leverage information resources to achieve strategic advantage for business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Northcentral University Online (NCU)

Ranked among the Best Online Bachelor's Programs in 2014 by U.S. News & World Report Implements a one-to-one teaching model, partnering one student with one faculty member in each course. 100% of faculty members hold doctoral degrees. The School of Education offers 12 PhD, 14 EdD,12 EdS, 15 MEd, and 3 BEd online degree specializations such as Curriculum and Teaching, Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership and Special Education.

The MBA degree with a specialization in Management of Engineering and Technology focuses on issues relating to principles of productivity, quality management, improving productivity through technology, and environmental systems management.

The Doctor of Business Adminstration degree with a specialization in Management Information Systems combines and applies the best components of both computer systems and management disciplines.

Purdue Global Online

Purdue University Global understands that working adults approach learning differently than traditional college students. That's why we're proud to deliver a fully personalized, world-class education online that's tailored to working adults. By opening the doors to students who need flexibility to fit learning into their busy lives, we make it possible to achieve a high-quality education from a prestigious university system—completely online. Online (Purdue Global)


Read more about Northcentral University Online (NCU)

Grand Canyon University-- M.S. in Information Technology

Grand Canyon University's Master of Science in Information Technology Management program is designed to prepare students for leadership positions in information technology. The IT management program consists of a unique blend of management courses that will provide you with the business knowledge required to manage information technology functions across a wide range of industries. If you have experience or a background in information technology and want to take the next step in your career, this IT management program is for you. The information technology degree covers a broad range of topics in the functional areas of business, such as accounting, finance, organizational behavior and strategic management, as well as technology topics, including information security and risk management, innovation in information technology and data management, business process analysis, and IT project management. You will have the opportunity to synthesize and practice what you have learned throughout the program by undertaking an applied IT project. Your project will focus on IT and systems management solutions to meet contemporary business needs with emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills applicable in contemporary, IT-driven business organizations. Grand Canyon University.

Kaplan University - Online

Ranked among the Best Online Bachelor's Programs in 2015 by U.S. News and World Report. . B.S. and MBA in Information Technology. Prepare to pursue IT leadership or management-level positions in service organizations or business, health care, military, government, or nonprofit settings.* Study methods for finding innovative solutions to an ever-increasing array of business and IT challenges. Courses examine critical concepts and competencies for the IT professional, principles of information technology, systems analysis and design, and the management of technology in a business environment. Read more --Kaplan University -

Ashford University

Elevate your online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in Information Systems from the Forbes™ School of Business at Ashford University. Combine major course credits with nine credits in Information Systems that give you the expertise in today's information technology. Take courses in database management, information processing, and systems development. Learn to be highly effective in today’s global business environment and adapt to its rapid changes as a student of Forbes™ School of Business at Ashford University. Education degrees at Ashford do not lead to certification or licensure in any state.Read more Ashford University

Post University B.S., M.S., Computer Information Systems

Ranked among the Best Online Bachelor's Programs by U.S. News and World Report in 2015. Ranked among the Best Online MBA Programs by U.S. News and World Report in 2015. Founded in 1890, it has a campus in Waterbury, CT and offers online degree program in eight-week modules, six times a year. Post University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems prepares students to work in the world of Information Technology. By taking courses in support of computer technology, courses that investigate user behavior and courses that consider the ethical responsibilities of working in IT, students understand both technology and the people who use technology. Students will often be asked to work in teams as they learn the most effective way to troubleshoot common hardware and software problems. Throughout the program, students will be asked to identify and follow local and global trends in IT. Read more about Post University.

Keiser University Online

Keiser Universitys Associate of Science Degree in Information Technology prepares students for entry into the field of network administration with an emphasis in security support. Information technology specialists administer, maintain and support computer systems and networks. This program exposes students to leading technologies in the dynamic IT industry. Courses prepare students to sit for industry-accepted competency examinations. Program objectives include the development of students abilities to administer and troubleshoot hardware, software and services for single, mixed and multi-user environments; development of skills in security measures to protect data; knowledge, theory and practice of network management; and development of critical thinking and effective communications skills. Students will be prepared for positions as a technical support specialist, help-desk technician, systems administrator or computer security professional. All coursework is offered online, giving you the freedom to complete your studies anytime, anywhere. Read more Keiser University Online

UC Riverside -- M.S. in Engineering -- Data Science Specialization

From simple texts and videos to private financial and medical data, the demand for professionals with data science and analytical skills has created many lucrative possibilities. The data science specialization encompasses an extensive list of possible career paths due to the overwhelming need for data professionals in nearly every industry.