The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

For more than 30 years, The Chicago School has been known as an innovator in the field, working to push the boundaries and further the impact that psychology has on our world. Our unique educational model—known as The Engaged Professional Model—is based heavily on learning through community service and on grooming students to be "engaged" and active participants in their communities, applying their knowledge and skills in new and powerful ways to serve the greater good.

B.A. in Psychology from Post University

Since 1890, Post University has been a student-focused, career-driven institution committed to helping students reach their personal and professional goals. 

Post University's psychology students not only take courses related to their major, they take courses in liberal arts, organizational leadership, and personal development all of which provide the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to become a leader in this field. Since psychology is an empirical discipline in which training and experience in research are essential to a student's education, Post University psychology majors are required to take courses in statistics and research methodology, and to participate in research.

B.A. in Psychology from Post University

Grand Canyon University College of Humanities and Social Science

Online Graduate Courses leading to a Master of Science in Pychology:

  • Elevate Your Understanding of Human Behavior With a Master of Science in Psychology Online From Grand Canyon University
  • Degree Emphases: Forensic Psychology, General Psychology, Geropsychology, Health Psychology, Human Factors Psychology, Life Coaching and more.
  • Grand Canyon University's graduate psychology programs are aligned to the standards and recommendations set forth by the American Psychological Association (APA).