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What is needed to obtain a license in Illinois?

A. An individual who wants to obtain an Illinois real estate license must complete the required pre-license education (subject to the few exemptions below), pass a test, and file an application with the required fee.

Pre-license Education Requirements:

Leasing agent license = 15 hours of instruction in an approved course of study relating to the leasing of residential property

Salesperson license = 45 hours of instruction in approved courses, and a minimum of 15 of these hours must be in the areas of Article 15 of the Act (agency), disclosure and environmental issues, or any other current topic as determined by the Education Advisory Council.

Broker license for a person who does not already have a salesperson license = 120 hours of instruction in approved courses, 45 of which shall be those hours required to obtain a salesperson license, plus at least 45 hours of mandatory courses as outlined in Section 1450.60 of the Rules.

Broker license for a person who does already have a salesperson license = 75 hours of instruction in approved courses (not including the 45 hours required to obtain the salesperson license).

The persons who are exempt from pre-license education are persons who are Illinois licensed attorneys and persons who qualify based upon Reciprocity with another State - check the DBRE webpage for a list of reciprocal States. Information regarding Pre-license Education Schools and Testing locations may be found on the DBRE web site. Application forms are also available on the DBRE web site. The application must include the certification of a passing score on the exam, a properly issued sponsor card, and a check for the license. The current fees for each license are available on the DBRE web site.

Source: Division of Banks and Real Estate Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions


Listing of schools for Real Estate Test Preparation -- Brokers License Preparation

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Real Estate Test Preparation --License for Agents or Brokers

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