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What is needed to obtain a license in Montana?

In the State of Montana, a person may not engage in or conduct business in the capacity of a real estate broker, until that person has received from the Montana Board of Realty Regulation a license.


list of Commission-approved schools


Test Preparation

Real Estate Test Preparation --License for Agents or Brokers

Real Estate ResourcesReal Estate Resources: Colleges and Universities; Real Estate Development Education and Training Schools; Seminars and Coaching; Test Preparation; Job Search; Executive Job Search; Investing; Mortgages; Property Management; Marketing and Advertising; Title and Escrow; Commercial Appraising; and Real Estate Investment Trusts
Montana Real Estate DivisionThe Business Standards Division is a newly created entity within the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. The Division has been established as a result of Senate Bill 445 (2001 Legislative Session) which reorganized the Montana Department of Commerce.

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