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What is needed to obtain a license in North Carolina?

The Study Guide to the License Law And Commission Rules is intended to assist licensees and applicants increase their knowledge of the North Carolina Real Estate License Law and Real Estate Commission rules. The topics listed here are of particular importance and/or are likely to be frequently encountered in the usual course of real estate practice.

The process for obtaining a license by examination is: Applicant completes required real estate course or otherwise satisfies prelicense requirements. Applicant files application form and fee with Commission. Commission determines applicant's eligibility for licensing examination and sends qualified applicants a notice of examination eligibility. Applicant contacts testing service to pay examination fee and schedule examination.


list of Commission-approved schools offering real estate prelicensing and postlicensing courses is available in PDF format. HERE

Test Preparation

Real Estate Test Preparation --License for Agents or Brokers

Real Estate ResourcesReal Estate Resources: Colleges and Universities; Real Estate Development Education and Training Schools; Seminars and Coaching; Test Preparation; Job Search; Executive Job Search; Investing; Mortgages; Property Management; Marketing and Advertising; Title and Escrow; Commercial Appraising; and Real Estate Investment Trusts
North Carolina Real Estate DivisionThe Commissionís primary function is to license and regulate real estate agents (persons and firms who sell, lease, etc. real estate for others). North Carolinaís 80,000-plus real estate agents are licensed as brokers.

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