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California State
instructions to apply for salesperson exam and real estate broker license, california department of real estate home page, listing of schools, elicensing examination services.
New York
FAQ, New York State licensing home page for real estate brokers and salesperson, approved schools for NYS Licensure
Florida State Department of Real Estate, Candidate Information Booklet for the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate, Broker, Law, and Instructor Licensure Examination
Texas Texas real estate license requirements, Texas real estate licensing main page,
New Jersey General information for licensure in the state of new jersey, listing of schools for real estate test preparation for new jersey.
Illinois What is needed to obtain a real estate license in the state of Illinois, Illinois division of banks and real estate,,,
Nevada What is needed to obtain a license in nevada, Accredited Pre-License Education Providers by the Real Estate Division of Nevada
Michigan Broker License requirements, Accredited Pre-License Education Providers by the Real Estate Division of Michigan
Pennsylvania License requirements for Pennsylvania state, FAQ, real estate schools in pennsylvania.
Ohio Real Estate and Professional Licensing Division for Ohio, FAQ for Ohio Professional Licensing.
Massachusetts Board of registration of real estate for massachusetts, frequently asked questions for massachusetts brokers license.
Connecticut applications, education guide and exam information, genreal information for real estate licensing.

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Selected Sites:
  • Academy License Center - Academy License Center is a coaching service for all applicants who are interested in learning the information they will be asked on the California State Examinations for Contractor Licenses and Real Estate Licenses.
  • Amelox Incorporated - License preparation software for agents or brokers for all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands.
  • BurkBaker -- Salesperson's license preparation for the state of Louisiana
  • Chicago Real Estate Institute - Courses and education for preparation for the Illinois real estate salesperson/brokers license.
  • Learnatest.com Real Estate Exam Prep - Sells online practice tests, study books and offers free training and career advice for broker, appraiser, experior and sales tests in most states.
  • Licensure Exams, Inc - Florida exam review and real estate preparation for license. It is designed to supplement study after completion of the Salesperson pre-license course. The site contains prep material, exam banks, course material, audio tapes, books and seminar resources to help you pass the first time and become a licensed Real Estate Salesperson.
  • njretest.com - Preparation for the New Jersey real estate salesperson licensing exam. Here you will find practice test questions, terminology reviews, study notes and more to help you prepare for your examination.
  • Real Estate Exam Tutor -- Online Real Estate License Exam Prep System. Available in California, Florida, Texas and most other states. You can even use your cell phone or mobile device to access and take practice exams!
  • The Real Estate License Professor - Online real estate license preparation program cover all US states. All of the Real Estate License Exam Professorís study guide material is derived from actual state real estate exams.
  • Real Estate Prep School - Providing nationwide internet continuing education courses and Missouri pre-license for the real estate industry.
  • Real Estate School - Sells books and interactive software to prepare for Florida exams.
  • TitleSearch.org - Home study course for sale covering how to become a real estate title abstractor.
  • USARealEstateLicense.com - Offers interactive CD ROM self study programs for real estate license exams in all states. Includes sample questions, testimonials, and glossary.



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