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About the NYSTE

The NYSTE measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills in the liberal arts and sciences, in teaching theory and practice, and in the content area of the candidate’s field of certification.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST) -- multiple-choice questions and a written assignment. Examinees are asked to demonstrate conceptual and analytical skills, critical-thinking and communication skills, and multicultural awareness. The test covers scientific, mathematical, and technological processes; historical and social scientific awareness; artistic expression and the humanities; communication and research skills; and written analysis and expression.

Elementary Assessment of Teaching Skills— Written (ATS–W) -- consists of multiple-choice questions and a written assignment. The Elementary ATS–W measures professional and pedagogical knowledge at the Early Childhood (birth–grade 2) and Childhood (grades 1–6) levels.

Secondary Assessment of Teaching Skills— Written (ATS–W) -- Content Specialty Tests (CSTs) -- consists of multiple-choice questions and a written assignment. The Secondary ATS–W measures professional and pedagogical knowledge at the Middle Childhood (grades 5–9) and Adolescence (grades 7–12) levels.

Bilingual Education Assessments (BEAs) -- consist of multiple-choice questions and constructed-response assignments. They include recorded listening and speaking components in English and include listening, speaking, reading, and writing components in the target language. The BEAs are required of candidates seeking a bilingual education extension to a certificate

Communication and Quantitative Skills Test (CQST) -- consists of multiple-choice questions. The CQST is one of the requirements for a Transitional A certificate (non-degree route) in career and technical education subjects.

Assessment of Teaching Skills—Performance (ATS–P) (Video) -- The ATS–P (video) requires a candidate to submit a 20- to 30-minute video-recorded sample of his or her teaching performance in a classroom of students who are part of the candidate’s regular teaching assignment

About the TExES and ExCET tests

"Texas Administrative Code §230.5(b) requires every person seeking educator certification to perform satisfactorily on comprehensive examinations. The purpose of these examinations is to ensure that each educator has the prerequisite content and professional knowledge necessary for an entry-level position in Texas public schools. The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES™) program and the Examination for the Certification of Educators in Texas (ExCET) program were developed for this purpose." For more information click here.

About the CSET

Two ways have been established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) for fulfilling the requirement to teach in california. One is to complete a program at an educational institution of subject matter preparation approved by the CCTC (also called a CSET waiver program). The second is to pass one or more subject matter examinations on the CSET

About the Praxis

The Praxis SeriesTM Assessments provide tests and other services that states use as part of their teaching licensing certification process. Praxis I® measures basic academic skills; Praxis II® measures general and subject-specific knowledge and teaching skills; and Praxis III® assesses classroom performance.

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