1. The numbers shown correspond to the price of some products from a family shopping basket. Take time to analyze the numbers and then respond:

Productos Precios por libra
Arroz 0.25
Azucar 0.15
Frijoles 0.32
Papas 0.40
Ajo 4.00
  a) What product has the greatest price?
  b) What product has the lowest price?
  c) Can you buy a pound of potatoes with $6.00 pesos?
  d) Choose the right answer.
  If you bought 2 pounds of rice and one of potatoes you would spend--
  ____0.65 ___ 0.90 ___ 1.35

2. If:

M= 7/9 - 1/6 a) Find the numerical value of M and N
N = (29 × 2) / 26 b) Prove that P = 7/10
P= (4.7 - 8/5) : 4/10  

3. The ONU has 118 state members. Those from non american countries exceed by 13, 4 times those of american countries.

a) How many american countries are members of the ONU?

b) What percent represents the countries of the other regions of the total members of the ONU?

4. Cuántos metros de tira de papel plateado se empleará para adornar el borde un mural que tiene forma rectangular con 2,7m de largo y 1,2 m de ancho?

How many meters of strip of silver-plated paper will be used to adorn the edge a rectangular mural with 2,7m of length and 1.2 ms of width?



5. En la figura se comple:

ABCD paralelogramo.
C, D,E Puntos alineados

ÐEAB =73 degrees.

5.1 Analayze the data:

a)Calculate the height de ÐAED. Justify.
b )Find the height de ÐCDB. Justify.

5.2 Answer T o F. Prove your point in either case.

a)line segment AE = line segment BD

b) The paralelogram ABCDE is a rectangle.

c) Triangle BDC is an acute triangle.