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Third International Mathematics and Science Survey (TIMSS) sample tests. Questions selected from the TIMSS Test.
Mathematics Testing in Cuba

Cuba already occupies first place in education among Latin American countries by a wide margin as children have almost twice the average knowledge in the basic subjects of language and mathematics. A study in 2001 by an international task force reported that Cuban 3rd and 4th graders, based on UNESCO research, easily outscored all their Latin American peers.

It is not unusual in Cuba to find a larger number of women doctorates teaching mathematics at the University level something unusual in the US where men dominate the mathematics field at the university level.

The test questions presented below only represent a sampling and are not meant to demonstrate the scope of the curriculum.


7th Grade (original version in spanish)

8th Grade (original version in spanish)

7th Grade (english version)

8th Grade (english version)


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