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Top US Graduate Schools in Computer Science

Top 25 GraduateComputer Science Schools*

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1 Stanford University
1 University of California–Berkeley
4 Carnegie Mellon University
5 University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
6 Cornell University
6 Princeton University
9 Georgia Institute of Technology
9 University of Texas -Austin
11 California Institute of Technology
11 University of Wisconsin
13 University of California LA
13 University of Maryland - College Park
13 University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor
16 Columbia University
16 Harvard University
16 University of California - San Diego
19 Purdue University
19 Brown University
20 Duke University
20 Rice University
20 University of Massachusetts -- Amherst
20 University of North Carolina -- Capel Hill
20 University of Pennsylvania

* Ranking from US News and World 2008


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