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  • The Abdominal Training FAQ - Provides an FAQ that serves as an introduction to the basic principles of training and diet for developing the abdominal muscles.
  • Absco Fitness - Large, frequently-updated database of articles on fitness, supplements, diet, weight training and health.
  • Addicted To Gym - Bodybuilding and overall fitness. Articles and tips on exercises, muscles, nutrition and benefits of working out.
  • AllYourStrength.com - Nutritional counselor and fitness consultant Jon Benson provides articles and information on the science of physique transformation, nutrition and fitness, as well as paid consultation services.
  • Asylum Training - Specializes in offering personal training, weight loss, supplements, nutrition, fitness gear/equipment, and fitness related information and articles.
  • The Barnett Training System - Contains detailed information by author Bob Barnett on weight training, sports nutrition, aerobic conditioning and flexibility. Also includes discussion forum.
  • Best Abs - Offers abdominal exercises and workout programs from bodybuilding fitness expert Shawn Phillips.
  • Body Builder - Offers workout routines, discussion forum and links.
  • Body Building Tracker - Offers the chance to track your bodybuilding progress with before and after pictures and statistics.
  • Bodybuilders Handbook - Features training tips, gallery and a question and answers page.
  • Bodybuilding Routines - Bodybuilding routines and diet information. Includes IFBB contest news and links.
  • Bodybuilding Tips - Offers articles on beginner and advanced training routines and techniques, diet and supplements.
  • Bodybuilding UK - UK based site featuring advice on bodybuilding training and nutrition, together with supplement reviews and news.
  • Bodybuilding Universe - Resource site offering articles, picture galleries, training routines and the latest news in the sport of bodybuilding.
  • Building Muscle101 - Helping beginners and advanced weight lifters build muscle. Provides weight lifting routines, tips, nutrition advice, recipes and reviews.
  • Changing Shape Fitness - Online weight lifting programs supporting the use of one set to fatigue. Features message boards, fitness tools and articles.
  • Cory's Natural Bodybuilding - Natural bodybuilding sites. Provides information about training, nutrition, steroid side effects and gaining weight.
  • Critical Bench - Home of the critical bench press program. Features articles, meal plans, fitness tools, pictures and message boards.
  • CyberFlexing - Information about bodybuilding training, supplements, and nutrition.
  • Cyberpump - Providing high intensity training techniques, training tips and routines. Annual fee required to view content.
  • Davin's Bodybuilding and Fitness - Natural body building tips and workout routines for muscle gain and fat loss. Features discussion forum, gallery and articles.
  • Dungeon Gym - A site based on hardcore old-time weightlifting with diet, lifting routines, photo gallery and a store.
  • Dynamic Muscle - Supplying information on weight training, nutrition, bodybuilding, sports medicine and sports training. Includes discussion forum.
  • e-Weight Loss and Fitness Exercises - Resource for weight loss and fitness exercises. Hundreds of exercise descriptions with photographs.
  • ExerTrack - Free Exercise Tracking Software
  • Free Weight Training Workout Routines. - Detailed information on diet, supplements and nutrition for muscle gain. Features workouts from beginner to advanced level.
  • GhostGym - Information on all aspects of bodybuilding and weight training. Also provides a personal training and coaching service to all of its members.
  • Go Heavy Or Go Home - A source for advice, hints and tips for the natural bodybuilder and weight trainer from beginner to hardcore. Features training routines, gym etiquette and slang and diet and general workout advice.
  • Got Muscles - Training information, nutritional advice, supplement reviews and links.
  • Gym Journal - A free online journal for you to track your weight lifting workouts, as well as your nutrition requirements.
  • Hardcore Bodybuilding - Provides training advice, nutrition, competition and helpful motivational ideas.
  • Hardcore Bodybuilding On The Web - Information on workouts, nutrition, supplements and steroids. Features photograph gallery, discussion forums, store and links.
  • Hardgainer Online - Flex columnist Stuart MacRoberts presents information on common sense bodybuilding and strength training and excerpts from his Beyond Brawn book series.
  • Hardgainer's Home Gym - One stop site for powerlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting and fitness information. Features fitness tools, FAQ and discussion forum.
  • Intense Workout - Information about weightlifting, bodybuilding, exercises, gaining weight and muscle mass naturally, workout routines, diets, weight loss and losing fat.
  • Iron Addicts Training - Training advice site featuring articles, forums and a paid personal training service.
  • The Iron Dungeon - Training information for bodybuilding and weight lifting, nutrition and humor.
  • John D. Moore's Weightlifting Site - Offers articles by Prof. John D. Moore of American Military University. Includes body types and common gym myths.
  • Kenchi's Senior Fitness and Bodybuilding - A non-commercial senior fitness and bodybuilding site aimed at the over-50s. Offers articles, recipes, fitness tools and discussion boards.
  • Lift for Life - Bodybuilding and fitness information for the Competitive Natural Athlete. Includes Competition Calendar.
  • Manoj's Bodybuilding and Fitness Site - Information on exercises, gym, nutrition and Yoga. Features message board, glossary and workout tips.
  • Massivemuscle - Offers bodybuilding links, nutritional and supplement information, training routines, exercises and dietary advice.
  • Mike's Arm Gallery - Bicep and tricep building pictures, programs and routines submitted by visitors to the site.
  • Mucho Muscle - Personal Trainer shares information about muscle building, weight training, workout tips, articles and workout routines.
  • Muscle Addict - Supplying weight training and dieting information.
  • Natural Weightlifting.com - Paid subscription weight lifting program. Offers workout sheets, online trainer, nutrition, and cardio guide.
  • Netfit - Extensive site offering exercise descriptions, training programs and diet information.
  • Onelastrep.com - Offers an abundance of bodybuilding, fitness and weight loss articles.
  • OTB Strength Training - Strength training site for information on bodybuilding and olympic lifting. Provides articles, training guides, gallery, chatroom and discussion forum.
  • Peak Performance Fitness Systems - 12 week fitness program. Features training routines and tips plus supplement information and healthy recipes.
  • Physical Culture Page - Dedicated to the oldtime strongmen and their various styles of natural bodybuilding.
  • The Pumping Station - Bodybuilding routines, nutrition, supplements and steroid information. Offers articles, workout tips and bodybuilding links.
  • Truly Huge - Bodybuilding, health and fitness. Free workout and diet tips.
  • Weight Lifting Co Webz - Provides programs, tips, supplements and diets.
  • Weight Lifting Routines - Using scientific studies and real-world results, shows how to design weight lifting routines to help more effectively gain muscle and lose fat.
  • Weights On The Web - Free personal training, photo gallery and training and nutrition articles, by Tim Wescott N.P.C. National Level Masters Bodybuilder.
  • Zen in the Art of Self-Resistance - A weightless bodybuilding workout utilizing self-resistance, isotonics, isometrics, and stretching.


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