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  • Allspice - Short discussion and list of uses.
  • Angelica - Information and how to preserve this herb which is a popular flavouring for confectionery and liqueurs
  • Asian Ingredients - Information and uses of spices in many cuisines including Thai, Korean, Phillipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Kosher.
  • Basil - A old recipe for aromatic seasoning taken from a book published in 1931, written in fairy old English.
  • Better Homes and Gardens : Spices - Find out which spices are perfect for certain types of foods and create a tasty meal for you and your family! Also, learn a few tricks for substituting dried herbs and spices.
  • Blue Sky Farm Recipes - Traditional and vegetarian recipes flavored with herbs, and information on growing and using herbs.
  • Botanical.Com Index of Recipes - An index of assorted recipes using herbs and other basic food stuffs.
  • Cardamom - Short discussion and list of uses.
  • Cardamom - Brief introduction as well as some Scandinavian recipes using cardamom.
  • Chili Recipes at Recipezaar - Recipes featuring chili
  • Cilantro from GourmetSleuth - Recipes and an article discussing the history, uses, and nutrition of the leaves of the coriander plant which is also known as Chinese parsley.
  • Cooking with Herbs - Recipes and tips from the Fredericksburg Herb Farm in Fredericksburg, Texas.
  • Cooking with Herbs - Recipes for appetizers, condiments, soups, and main courses using fresh herbal ingredients.
  • Cooking with Herbs 1 2 3 - Tips for the beginner on how to get to know culinary herbs. In depth information on six must have perennial herbs.
  • Coriander - Recipe from a book published in 1931, for curry powder.
  • Culinary Herb FAQ - All you ever wanted to know - and ask on a newsgroup - more often than once a month - about culinary herbs. A FAQ for rec.gardens, alt.folklore.herbs, and the culinary herblist.
  • Cyberspace Grill Herb and Spice Index - A descriptive index of 48 herbs and spices, such as Basil, Cumin, Coriander, and Lemongrass. Descriptions include photos and history.
  • Edible Flowers - Information and photographs of edible flowers, and how to use them in cooking.
  • Epazote at - Learn about the good and bad of epazote as well as recipes that include the pungent herb.
  • Epazote by Gourmetsleuth - The leaves of this plant are also known as Mexican tea. The article discusses history, uses, nutrition and includes recipes.
  • Epicentre Exotic Spice Recipes - Spices and ethnic cuisines with tested recipes, an encyclopedia of spices, and spice usage and history.
  • Fresh Herb Tips and Hints - Suggestions for using individual and mixed herbs. from Shenandoah Growers.
  • Gardening For All Seasons - Cooking with herbs information and recipes.
  • Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages - Reference information about more than 100 herbs and spices, plus their usage in ethnic cuisines.
  • Great American Spice Company - Over 27,000 recipes in this index.
  • Greenline: A Kitchen Herb Garden - Tips for growing useful herb gardens and recipe for fresh herb butter.
  • Guide to Culinary Salts from GourmetSleuth - A cook's guide to culinary salt including descriptions, photographs and suggested substitutions.
  • Herb and Spice Chart - Tells which foods seasonings go best with.
  • The Herb Garden -- Drying Herbs - Fact sheet from University of Illinois Extension on this topic.
  • Herb Information from AsiaRecipe - Information, uses, history and recipes.
  • Herb Recipes - Jefferson County Master Gardeners. Collection of recipes.
  • Herbs - Pictures and descriptions of common herbs used in cooking.
  • Herbs and Spices - Outline of a numbers of spices with graphics of each.
  • Herbs and Spices by Ron Lunde - An index of about 50 herbs and spices, with background information, uses, recipes and growing information.
  • Herbs in the Kitchen - Recipes using herbs, edible flowers and produce. Dressings, marinades, salads, vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, drinks and desserts.
  • Indian Curry Company - Resource for Indian cooking, choose from one of several hundred recipes.
  • Indian Delicacies - Spices and spice powders for Indian cooking like garam masala, rasam powder and sambhar powder.
  • Jalapeno Madness - Dedicated to the world's greatest chili pepper. Recipes, links and information.
  • Kitchen Herbalist Recipes - Food, beverage, body and home care recipes using herbs, including Cinnamon Mint Tea and Summer Salad with Heather Vinaigrette. .
  • L'Aquila Saffron - Provides history and uses.
  • Lemon Grass - Also know as Takrai, it is popular in Thai and Vietnamese cooking. How to grow, use, and store.
  • Lesley's Herb Garden - List of commonly home grown herbs and how to harvest, preserve and them.
  • Make your own herbal vinegars - Create herbal vinegars for cooking and adding flavor, beauty treatments and for medicinal uses.
  • New England Herb Company - Information, benefits, and recipes on using fresh herbs from a New England company that provides fresh herbs to supermarkets.
  • Nurse Mary-Bell's Herb Popovers - Simple recipe using cayenne pepper, minced fresh parsley, and dried thyme.
  • Pepper Fool - Many spicy recipes, restaurant reviews, and chili information.
  • A Pinch Of - Creative information and recipes about culinary herbs and spices.
  • - A Website dedicated to collecting, growing, eating, and preserving South American chile peppers
  • Saffron - Presents assorted information on the subject.
  • Saffron by Gourmetsleuth - Stigmas of the crocus sativa flower. The article discusses the history, uses, nutrition, and includes equivalents, substitutions, and recipes.
  • Salsify - Recipe for soup, or served baked, with cheese, or stewed. From a book published in 1931.
  • Schwartz - Search database of spicy recipes and special offers from this UK spice company.
  • Seasoned Pioneers - Exotic and authentic spice blends, chillies, spices and specialist culinary ingredients of every major world cuisine. Information and advice on usage together with many recipes.
  • Selecting, Storing and Using Fresh Herbs - A fact sheet on the topic, from Ohio State University Extension. Includes practical table of culinary herb uses.
  • Sheila's Herb Patch - Includes recipes and seasoning suggestions, with brief descriptions and photos of various herbs.
  • Spice & Herb Encyclopedia - Created by the Culinary CafĂ© , this site offers general descriptions, geographical sources, traditional ethnic uses, taste and aroma, history and region of origin, and creative uses of over forty spices and herbs.
  • SpiceAdvice - An informative site about spices, including a spice encyclopedia, usage tips and seasonal recipes.
  • Starchefs: Edible Flowers - A listing of recipes using edible flowers as ingredients.
  • - Tropical cooking and gardening with spices and herbs.
  • Wasabi - How to grate a green/fresh/raw wasabi with a sharkskin grater for bringing the best fragrance.
  • Wild Greek Oregano - All About - About, History and Uses of wild Greek oregano, the perennial herb Origanum vulgaris.
  • The Zen Herbs Co - A portal for information about herbs and spices from around the world. Includes an interactive garden, and advice.
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