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DNA databases, PCR Analysis, STR Analysis, Mitochondrial Anyalysis

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  • Digital Fingers - History and articles on fingerprint identification, discussion of digital imaging and fibre optic lighting, by Esther Neate, police laboratory supervisor in the UK.
  • Fingerprint Geometric Analysis - Research on the possible correlation between the elevation of the mental manifestation and the phenomenon of the dermal ridge arrangements, as well as the correlation between diseases and the configuration of the friction ridge formations.
  • Fingerprint Identification - About fingerprint matching, classification, and image enhancement, from Michigan State University.
  • Fingerprint Identification Page - By the International Association for Identification.
  • Fingerprint Identification Standards for Emerging Applications - About transitions in fingerprinting technology, from a traditional law enforcement applications to new biometric technology.
  • FingerPrint USA - Consulting and technical services in current fingerprint biometric technologies and the specification, development and acquisition of complex automated identification systems.
  • Fingerprints - Information on methods, FAQ, examples of pattern range, discussion group, guest book, worldwide contacts, maintained in The Netherlands.
  • FIS Forensic Identification Services - Expert testimony for fingerprint evidence, crime scene analysis, policies and procedures, and professional standards.
  • Forensic Identification Services - Expert witness and consulting service for forensic fingerprint identification and analysis, and passport photo verification.
  • History of Fingerprints - About the uses of latent prints from ancient times through to 1946, as part of site maintained in Fort Belvoir, Virginia.
  • How to Obtain Good Finger Prints - Complete text of the pamphlet by the Navy Department, Bureau of Navigation. Published 1916.
  • Latent fingerprints - Articles and opinions on latent fingerprint reliability and identification criteria, latent fingerprint processing techniques, and related forensic research topics.
  • Latent Print Examination - Articles, FAQ, resources, dos and don'ts for collecting latent fingerprints, handprints, and footprints from porous and nonporous surfaces, as private endeavor from member of US Army Criminal Investigation Command.
  • Mason Vactron Ltd - Forensic Science Equipment - products for the development, examination and recording of latent fingerprints which are used by police and forensic scientists either in the laboratory or at the scene of a crime
  • Mobile Fingerprinting Service, Inc. - Privately owned company that provides criminal background and employee screenings using CJIS/FBI-certified fingerprinting technicians, on-site from Baltimore, MD.
  • National Background Check, Inc. - Electronic fingerprinting service that uses the Webcheck technology, in conjunction with the American Bankers Association. Offers card scanning, with results mailed directly from the FBI, or live scan at Columbus, Ohio.
  • Payton's Scientific Inc. - Instuments and related articles on fingerprinting or trace detection in the field or in the laboratory, including plasticizing latent prints in a vacuum, cyanoacrylate atmospheric fuming cabinets, and workstations from manufacturer in Buffalo, NY.
  • Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers - Website offers extensive information on fingerprint technology.
  • TSG Forensics - Consultant specializing in fingerprint analysis in Ontario, Canada.

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