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North Carolina State Testing Page 2015 -2016


Released forms are for: End of grade Mathematics, Reading, Social Studies and Science. This page also has the reference tables for the State Science Tests including end of course Grade 8, Chemistry, Physical Science and Physics.

Note: you will find same questions on these Released Forms.

Grades 3-High School Released Forms with Sample State Test Questions--

New Information on North Carolina Writing Instruction System Grades 4 and 7

The North Carolina Writing Instruction System was designed to provide students with opportunities to have a variety of experiences with writing throughout curriculums and throughout the school year...read more


Grades 3-8 Mathematics, Reading and Science


Home Page for North Carolina Department of Education

North Carolina Testing and Assessment Home Page


TIMSS Online Tests for grades 3 and 4, 7 and 8 and grades 11 and 12.

Tests are for Math and Science.

An advanced Math Grade 12 is also available that requires knowledge of some calculus.



Additional Testing Resources --Why not practice a test from another state?
Texas State Testing Page
Florida State Testing Page
Mass. State Testing Page
Online Tests (many states)


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