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Keisuke Matsushima
l'ane Rouge
Bistro Canaille HIT
Diamant Noir
Don Camillo Creations
Les Viviers
Stephane Viano
Luc Salsedo
La Merenda


Great Values and -- Local Cooking


Cafe Turin
La Pizza
Tavern Massena
Gesu Restaurant


Les Viviers -- Rolancy's
22, rue Alphonse-Karr
+33 4 93 16 00 48

Jacques Rolancy is pleased to welcome you

in his two heavens for taste buds...

..."On the Bistro side, in a characteristic décor dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, we will make you feel warmly welcome in a genuine atmosphere that is known by every inhabitant of Nice..."

..."On the restaurant side, gourmet jewel and refinement are omnipresent. It is businessmen's and women's favourite for lunch and a sweet romance moment for dinner..."


This restaurant has a bistro on one side and a restaurant on the other. The emphasis is on fish and seafood (see menu below). The dishes are elegant, original and varied. While the main restaurant does not usually fill up, the bistro seems to have a dedicated following, so be sure to make a reservation.



Sample Menu from the Winter of 2007






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