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From Molecular Gastronomy to Modernist Cuisine

Interest in food science has grown in recent years because of the increasing awareness of the vital role of food in the health, well-being, and economic status of individuals and nations and people's curiosity and desire to try new and innovative food dishes. Food science is the study of the chemical composition of food and food ingredients; their physical, biological and biochemical properties and and the interaction of food constituents with each other and their environment.

This week the area of cooking know as Molecular Gastronomy got a major endorsement with the publication of a six volume culinary work from a group of chefs, scientists, engineers and food writers was led by former Microsoft Chief Technology Officer, Nathan Myhrvold. The work which weighs in at 40 pounds and contains 1,500 recipes covers areas such as: Culinary Movements Through History, Physics of Food and Water, Pressure Cooking, Microwaving and Frying, Sous Vide Cooking, Thickeners, Foams, Gels and Wine.

While several methods in Molecular Gastronomy may be out of the reach for the home cook, there is plenty of room for creativity in the home kitchen.


Sous Vide Cooker

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Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are a great tool to prepare stocks.

Foamer ..by . iSi

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What is Sous Vide Cooking?

Science of Culinary Foams

Important Temperatures in Cooking

Why Food Sticks to Pans

Sous Vide Eggs

Cooking Chicken Sous Vide

Science of Slow Cooking

Caramelization and the Browning of Food

Food Thickening Agents

The Molecular Basis of Taste

Science of Pressure Cooking

Experimental Chefs and restaurants

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Science of Cooking



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