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_ What do some common molecules look like?_=_

 Table of Contents
  Introductory Comments
 What is Molecular Modeling?
  Why is Molecular Modeling Important?
 What do some common molecules look like?
 Where's the Math?
 Carbon 3 Ways
  Carbon Compounds
 Water and Ice
 Water and Ice pt.II
  How to view structures in class or at home
  MathMol Library of Structures.
 Tutorial 1: 1-Dimension, 2-Dimensions, 3-Dimensions...
 Tutorial2: The Geometry of 2 Dimensions..
 Tutorial3: The Geometry of 3- Dimensions
 Tutorial4: The Geometry of Molecules.
 Appendix1: Scientific Notation
  Appendix 2: Mass
  Appendix3: Volume
  Appendix4: Density

In this section we will take a look at some common molecules in 3-Dimensions using the Chemis3D Java Applet. The molecules shown in the applet are described below. They are written with their 'chemical formula' which tells the number of atom types in each molecule.

Water H20

Methane CH4

Benzene C 6H12

Butane C4H10

Aspirin C9H8O4

Caffeine C8H10N4O2

DNA (DNA is a long chain polymer) What type of atoms is DNA composed of (Hint: use the color code shown below?

Exercise: In the applet below, see if you can verify the chemical formula's for each molecule using the color code below.

Color Code: Hydrogen -White; Carbon -Gray; Oxygen-Red; Nitrogen; Blue; Phosphorus -Orange

-To rotate in 3-D hold left mouse button down and move cursor in window.
To zoom use [Shift] left-click.
T o stop rotation Shift I
For more help right click M


No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.4 support for APPLET!!

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