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 Table of Contents
  Introductory Comments
 What is Molecular Modeling?
  Why is Molecular Modeling Important?
 What do some common molecules look like?
 Where's the Math?
 Carbon 3 Ways
  Carbon Compounds
 Water and Ice
 Water and Ice pt.II
  How to view structures in class or at home
  MathMol Library of Structures.
 Tutorial 1: 1-Dimension, 2-Dimensions, 3-Dimensions...
 Tutorial2: The Geometry of 2 Dimensions..
 Tutorial3: The Geometry of 3- Dimensions
 Tutorial4: The Geometry of Molecules.
 Appendix1: Scientific Notation
  Appendix 2: Mass
  Appendix3: Volume
  Appendix4: Density

Part III: Overview of MathMol Tutorials

Part I -Geometry
Part II- Mathematical Relationships

We live in a 3-Dimensional World yet our textbooks and much of our math curricula still seemed fixed on 2-Dimensions.

Try this!

Take a look at the image below. "Do not rotate the image". Below you see a graph showing the x-y axis. Only quadrant 1 (+x,+y) is shown.

1) Click on the cube box. What figure appears? Where is the cube? Since we are viewing the x,y axis the third dimension or +z-axis comes out of the plane of the screen and is not visible. Now click on the the x-y-z box to show the z-axis.

3) Click view 2 (in the view pulldown), the 3-Dimensional grid now appears showing the cube. Try rotating the object within the screen to gain different perspectives of show how the cube fits into a 3-D grid.

 To rotate object hold left mouse button down and slide cursor arrow over object

At the end of this textbook are several tutorials which explore in greater depth the use of Java Mage to explore 2-D and 3-D Geometry.

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