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Released State Tests and Sample Tests

This continues to be one of our most heavily trafficked pages as students, teachers and parents search for the most recent test releases from their state. Here you will find a list of links to states that have released past standardized sests or sample questions from these exams. This is one of the most extensive lists on the Web and updated regularly. These tests are mostly in PDF format and require Adobe reader. 

Just English Language Arts

This is a selection of full release and sample State Tests --. Reading, Writing and Literature. Some tests are in html format and can be taken directly online, others require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Just Math 

This is a selection of full release State Math Tests from prior years. Some are in html format and can be taken directly online, others require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Just Science

This is a selection of full release State Science Tests from prior years. Some are in html format and can be taken directly online, others require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Online State Testing Pages --


Here you will find States and Agencies that provide Tests or Sample Questions that can be taken online. Your test will be graded while you wait. These tests are now available from Texas, Illinois and Virginia... more to come. 

TIMSS Sample Online Tests

TIMSS --The Third International Math and Science Survey is the test that made headlines a few years ago. It placed the US 13 in the world in Mathematics. We have used actual questions from past TIMMS Tests to create several Math and Science Tests that can be taken Online. A bar graph for each test is also available that indicates how students performed on each question. This is a great tool for teacher's to let them know what topics students are need the most help in. Tests are available in grades 3/4, 7/8 and 12 Mathematics and Science. There is also an Advanced Mathematics Test containing many questions in Calculus.

TIMSS Population 1 (Third and Fourth Grade Mathematics): 

TIMSS Population 2 (7th and 8th Grade Mathematics): 

TIMSS Test -- Population 3 (Grade 12 Advanced Mathematics): 

TIMSS Test Population 1 (Third and Fourth Grade Science): 

TIMSS Test -- Population 2 (Seventh and Eighth Grade Science): 

TIMSS Test --Population 3 (Grade 12 General Mathematics and Science):


This is a two part online test designed by math and science educators associated with Edinformatics.com. The test is more rigorous than either the state tests or national assessments shown above. 



NCTM FOCAL POINTS AND SINGAPORE MATH SYLLABUS -- New Curriculum is more in line with International Standards


ACT Test Page

The ACT Assessment® is an alternative to the SAT's that is growing in popularity by students. It is designed to assess high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. The tests cover four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science. Sample questions are provided by ACT Inc.

The SAT's do not provide sample questions from prior tests. We are searching the Web for databases of of sample questio ns that can be used to prepare for the exam. 

Suggested Sites:

SAAB Math SAT Page

Vocabulary Practice For Sentence Completion
Vocabulary Practice For Analogy 
Vocabulary Practice For Critical Reading 

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