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With Java applets on the decline for many years. JavaScript, HTML5, and other scripting languages have managed to take over applets both in terms of browser support and extra functionality. At EDinformatics we are transitioning from Java, Shockwave and Flash to HTML5 Simulations which can easily be used on all platforms.


HTML5 Simulations

  • Physics

  • Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves, Optics, Electrodynamics, Physics of Atoms, Harmonic Motion, Heat and Thermodynamics, Circular motion ... more...
  • Biology

  • Physiology, Cell Components, DNA, Meiosis, Genetics, Photosynthesis, Exercise and Eating... more...
  • Chemistry

  • Acid-Base Solutions, Density, Balancing Chemical Equations, Build an Atom, States of Matter... more..
  • Earth Systems

  • Gravity and Orbits, Gravity Force Lab, Lunar Landing, Geology Simulator, Solar System Simulator, Climate Change, Virtual Earth .. more
  • Astronomy

  • Solar System, The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, Hubbles Law... more
  • Mathematics

  • Graphing Lines, Quadratic Equations, Calculus Grapher, Vectors, Plane Geometry, Analytic Geometry ... more..


  • Molecular Simulations

  • How does soap work, why does ice float, what is the geometry of methane, how does caffeine work in the brain, how to drugs work, diamond vs. graphite and more...


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