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Ideas for Creative Science Projects

Perhaps the best science project is one that you come up with yourself. If you spend a few days observing your surroundings you might be surprised with some of your observations/ Some of those observations can lead to interesting projects. 

Here are some interesting observations our research team came up. Many can be adapted for your use as a project. Most projects can be used by a wide age spectrum. It's up to you to adapt them to your grade and academic level. 

  Asymmetric Facial Expression If you take a careful look at most people face you will notice many expressions are not symmetric ... take a look at these photos of President Bush. This is a really cool project idea for all ages....>>>

Experiments with Mushrooms-- We see mushrooms at the market all the time. One grower told us how their whole basement is being used to grow different types of mushrooms >>>

  Remembering Numbers -- Everyone learns differently and being able to remember numbers by seeing vs. hearing may vary from one person. Here is a project that can be done if you are an elementary school or high school student >>>
  Effect of weather on student behavior-- Teachers always seem to tell us when the weather is off so are the students. >>>
  \Why does ice float? - Why does ice float? What is happening at the molecule level that makes ice take up more space... see: Why does ice float? and why do solid, liquid and gas molecules behave differently

Measuring the Change in Density during Fermentation If you make your own wine at home it is necessary to monitor the density of the liquid to ...>>>

  Changing Behavioral Patterns in Teenagers Recent MRI brain scans from ages 5-20 show that the brain continues to develop well into the teens. Develop questionnaires and see if your data supports these studies ...>>>
  Body temperature daily cycles--- Did you ever notice that your body temperature changes during the day...>>>....
  Spectrum of stars-- At night we see stars that have different color. Can we determine what the composition of stars are by their spectrum or color? >>>
  Measuring the Density of Ice and Water It's easy to measure the density of ice and water using lab equipment ... Can we also do it using free molecular modeling software? >>>
  Which freezes first hot water or cold water?-- We used boiled water to make ice cubes ---did it really freeze faster than cold water?.>>>
  Measuring Acceleration in an Elevator, a Car or an Airplanes Can you build a simple device and actually measure the acceleration of an elevator, a car, an airplane as it takes off.>>>
  Cooking with color-- Have you ever noticed that vegetables first turn bright colors when cooked -- but then the color fades >>>
  Explain it with Molecules Here are some interesting activities that will make for a good starting off point for a science project using molecular modeling software that can be obtained online at no cost. Ideas include: Why does ice float?-- How does soap work? -- Why is diamond so hard?-- Why do carcinogens like nicotine cause cancer? -- Why is a salt crystal cubic in shape? -- >>>
  Naked Egg Experiment -Here is a simple experiment that removes the shell from an egg. It is a good starting point for experiments on osmosis.-->>>
  What is the Effect of Temperature on Egg Proteins -Here is an experiment that you can eat after you gather results.-->>>
  How does a battery work? - Design experiments testing voltages using different fruits, e.g., lemons, potato, orange etc.

More to Come >>>>