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Creative Science Projects -- Where to Start --

EDinformatics List of Creative Science Projects-- These are not your typical science project ideas. These ideas can be turned into winning projects!


Here is a picture of President George Bush taken right after 9/11. Notice that his facial expressions appear to indicate some asymmetry between his left side and right side if one looks carefully.

Here are the seeds for a creative science project that you can develop using your own idea; all you need is a computer and a digital camera... See Asymmetric Fatial Expressions Science Project for more details.

See Asymmetric Facial Expressions in the Edinformatics List of Creative Science Projects.

Expanding a School Science Lab into a full Science Project-- Many classroom experiments can be used as the beginning's of an excellent science project. Here are some examples...We present examples of excellent science labs that can be transformed into full science projects.

Using Free Software -- Java Applets and Online Software--There is a large number of java applets and software packages that can be adapted for use as a science project.

Science Project Ideas This is a reviewed list of sites that provides ideas for projects and steps to start your project.

Ideas for Science Experiments--Here is a list of sites that have some ideas for experiments that may be used as a starting point for a science project.

Science Fairs-- Ideas and Resources to prepare for your science fair.

Still Need Help? -- Ask an expert about your project. Visit one of several Ask an Expert Pages on the Internet. 

What were some of the Greatest Inventions of all time? Take a look at some of these inventions to get an idea for a science project


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