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 US Curriculum Plans

US Frameworks


View contents for the

Common Core Standards Initiative

Math --NCTM
Science --NSES
Science --Project 2061
Social Studies
Frameworks Social Studies
Civics and Government

For additional information on approved national subject frameworks see: NCATE Program Standards

US Curriculum Plans by State:

Every state and most major US cities are developing their own curriculum frameworks. Most have the completed frameworks online. Find your state.

Choose your State

Alabama -- Alaska -- Arizona -- Arkansas -- California --Colorado --
Connecticut --Delaware -- Florida -- Georgia -- Hawaii --Idaho --
Illinois --Indiana -- Iowa -- Kansas -- Kentucky -- Louisiana --
--Maryland -- Massachusetts --Michigan -- Minnesota --
Mississippi -- Missouri --Montana -- Nebraska -- Nevada -- New Hampshire -- New Jersey -- New Mexico --New York --North Carolina --North Dakota -- Ohio -- Oklahoma -- Oregon -- Pennsylvania -- Rhode Island --South Carolina --South Dakota -- Tennessee -- Texas -- Utah -- Vermont -- Virginia -- Washington -- West Virginia -- Wisconsin -- Wyoming

Grades of A for the Indiana, California, Hawaii and Arizona science curriculums, see:

An An Appraisal of Science Standards in 36 States (pdf file from eric.edu.gov)

Education Week Report Cards
by State:

Education Week Report Cards

Curriculum Plans of Major US Cities:

Choose your City

NYC -- Chicago -- Los Angeles -- Houston -- Detroit -- Philadelphia -


Science education as enculturation: some implications for practice
- Derek Hodson and Julie Hodson -School Science Review, Sept, 1998
1999 Conference on Standards-Based K-12 Education.
- EdWeek - April 28, 1999
Texas teachers demand more from legislature
EduQuery Opinion - Mar. 16, 1999
U.S. Tries Variations on High School Curriculum
- Science 1998 July 10; 281: 161-163. (In News Focus)
California Adopts Controversial Standards
Science 1998 October 16; 282: 387-389.




 International and Private
International Curriculum Plans:

National Standards

The National Curriculum (United Kingdom) New 2006 Level 'A' Singapore Curriculum Plans Australia
British Columbia South Africa Ontario
Hong Kong New Zealand  

Private US Organizations Involved in Curriculum and Assessment:

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

-National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

-National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

-American Association for the Advancement of Science

-TERC Math Curriculum

-Core Knowledge
Montessori International


TIMSS (Third International Math and Science Study).

Summary of Analyzed State Curriculum Frameworks:

- (IAEE), McREL Eisenhower
Int. Evaluation of Educational Achievement:

- (IAEE), Netherlands
Education Research (Europe): -NFER
Rethinking Accountability :
- Annenberg Institute for School Reform
Education Policy Studies Program: - Evaluation of the National Science Foundation's Statewide Systemic Initiatives (SSI) Program and Project 2061
Educational Excellence for All Children Act of 1999
Education Policy Studies Program:
- Project 2061
Standards for Standards-Based Accountability System
- Phi Delta Kappa International
Performance Assessment Links in Science (PALS): On-line, Interactive Resources
- Edys Quellmalz and Patricia Schank SRI International, Center for Technology in Learning




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