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Common Core Standards Initiative 

Math --NCTM
Science --NSES 
Science --Project 2061
Frameworks Social Studies 
Civics and Government

For additional information on approved national subject frameworks see: NCATE Program Standards

US Curriculum Plans by State:

Every state and most major US cities are developing their own curriculum frameworks. Most have the completed frameworks online. Find your state.

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Grades of A for the Indiana, California, Hawaii and Arizona science curriculums, see: 

An An Appraisal of Science Standards in 36 States (pdf file from eric.edu.gov for download from this site)

Education Week Report Cards
by State:

Education Week Report Cards

Curriculum Plans of Major US Cities: 

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International Curriculum Plans: 

National Standards

The National Curriculum (United Kingdom)  Singapore Primary and Secondary Schools Australia 
British Columbia -- 2019-2020 South Africa Ontario 
Hong Kong  New Zealand Curriculum Online  

Private US and International Organizations Involved in Curriculum and Assessment: 

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 

-National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

-National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

-American Association for the Advancement of Science

-TERC Math Curriculum

-Core Knowledge
Montessori International 


TIMSS (Third International Math and Science Study). 
Summary of Analyzed State Curriculum Frameworks:
- (IAEE), McREL Eisenhower
Int. Evaluation of Educational Achievement:
- (IAEE), Netherlands
Education Research (Europe): -NFER 
Annenberg Insitute: - Annenberg Institute for School Reform
Education Policy Studies Program: - Project 2061
Center for Technology in Learning - SRI International