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The Best Restaurants in Nice , France
2014 Update

"The Culinary Scene in Nice has changed dramatically over the past couple of years in Nice"

Renovations in Nice, France have brought a new life to the city. The old city has seen high end small boutique shops make their way into the small winding streets; numerous chic bistros have been opening all over town.

Throughout Nice we are finding a slew of restaurants similar to those sweeping France: they are small in size; modern and chic in style; and in many cases the cooking is on the level of a one star Michelin Restaurant. The chefs are young and energetic, producing food in their own creative style. Among these newcomers worth trying are: Kesuke Matsushima, Bistrot d'Antoine, Diamant Noir, Sapore Luc Salsendo, Flaveur and newcomer Restaurant JAN. We are sure we have missed some and for this we say: we will be back for a more extensive sampling.

On each of the pages shown to the left we have provided photos of menus from each of these excellent restaurants to provide you with the style of each chef. A short commentary is also provided for the most of the restaurants.

In addition to our selection of our choice for 'top restaurants' several restaurants are included that provide excellent local cuisine, and/or are very popular with the local crowd.

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 Top Restaurants in Nice

La Reserve De Nice
Keisuke Matsushima
L'ane Rouge
Bistrot d'Antoine
Diamant Noir
Sejour Cafe NEW
Les Viviers
Luc Salsedo
La Merenda
L'Univers --CLOSED
Le Bistro Gourmand  
In Vino NEW
Les Deux Canailles

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 Great Values and Local Cooking Restaurants

Cafe Turin
La Pizza
Tavern Massena
Gesu Restaurant
Lu Fran Calin

 Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Zucca Magica

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