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How do I find information about my child's school?

Public schools and Districts
Find the correct name, address, telephone number, NCES ID number, and other student and teacher information for public schools or school districts for school year 1997-98 as reported to NCES by state education officials in each state. 

Public School Universe Survey Data 
provide a complete listing of all public elementary and secondary schools in the country, and basic information and descriptive statistics on schools, their students, and their teachers. 

Find your school --easy locator
Designed for kids but this is a quick and easy info tool for parents and teachers. 

The NCES (National Center for Educational Statistics) Kids Home Page. Education information about schools and activities for students everywhere. 

How do I find my child's curriculum?

The curriculum of all schools in the US follow their respective State Curriculum Guides. 

Choose your State

Alabama -- Alaska -- Arizona -- Arkansas -- California --Colorado --
Connecticut --Delaware -- Florida -- Georgia -- Hawaii --Idaho --
Illinois --Indiana -- Iowa -- Kansas -- Kentucky -- Louisiana -- 
--Maryland -- Massachusetts --Michigan -- Minnesota --
Mississippi -- Missouri --Montana -- Nebraska -- Nevada --
New Hampshire 
-- New Jersey -- New Mexico --New York -
-North Carolina --North Dakota -- Ohio -- Oklahoma -- Oregon -
Rhode Island --South Carolina --South Dakota -- 
-- Texas -- Utah -- Vermont -- Virginia -- Washington -
West Virginia -- Wisconsin -- Wyoming

If you live in a major city a more specific guide should be accessible.

What are the new reform programs?


UCSMP Everyday Mathematics 

And don't throw out the old:

Saxon Math


Elementary School 

Full Option Science System (FOSS) Lawrence Hall of Science University of California -- For k-8 students. 
Science for Life and Living BSCS Colorado Springs, CO. 
Science and Technology for Children (STC) Science Education Center, Smithsonian Institution

Middle School Science Programs
American Chemical Society Science Curriculum -- Division of the American Chemical Society/.
Introductory Physical Science (IPS)6th Ed. Science Curriculum, Inc. Belmont, MA Delta Education 
Delta science modules

High School Programs 

PSSC Physics -- Was a great program.
A Human Approach BSCS Colorado Springs, CO \

How will the new standards affect my child?

Center for Educational Reform

How Can I Prepare My Child for State Exams?

Most State Education Pages are providing the public with either sample tests or released questions from previous exams. 

EDinformatics State Testing Page 
Find out which states are providing the public with online sample tests and released questions from previous exams.

EDinformatics Full Math Test Releases 
As more states release full past exams instead of sample sheets we will post them.

EDinformatics TIMSS Math and Science Page
In addition to practicing State Exams we also suggest sampling Tests provided by the Third International Math and Science Study. This is the famous series of international exams where the US scored 13th in the world.

EDinformatics State Math Page 
This page is designed to provide parents to easy access to state mathematics exams as they become available to the public. 

EDinformatics State English/Reading Page 
This page is designed to provide parents to easy access to state English exams as they become available to the public. 

How do I find my school's report card?

Many states provide report cards on their schools. Go to the respective state homepage and search using the keywords report cards... 

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