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why does ice float -- ice structure

Why does ice float?

Try an interactive activity that uses molecular modeling to explain the reason ice floats.

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water molecular dynamics

How is heat transferred?

Conduction - Convection - Radiation

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Water

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what is difference between mass and weight

What is the difference between mass and weight?

Interactive experiment to understand concept ...

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what is helium 3

What is Helium-3

And, why is it so important --where does a large amount exist?

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Edinformatics has designed a two part -end of year- 8th grade science test that accesses both "Knowledge and Concepts" (Part I), and "Reasoning and Analysis Skills" (part II). Most of the science material used for the test is consistent with current intermediate school textbooks. Several questions require more rigorous mathematics that is contained within the newly initiated Common Core Standards and the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).

edinformatics challenge -- science and math test