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What were the Greatest Inventions of all Time -- What are the 300 Greatest Inventions of all time?

Gifted and Talented Math and Science--Accelerated Math and Science Activiities

Great Thinkers --Great Minds
Who were the greatest thinkers of all time? EDinformatics puts its list on the WEB... mathematicians, philosophers, artists, writers, scientists ...

What are the Best Restaurants in America We list here top restaurants in America according to both Zagat Restaurant Guide and Gayot. Top 10 Restaurants in major cities are show... read more

Culinary Arts or Culinary Science? Now it's Molecular Gastronomy With changes in how we cook and eat the fields of culinary arts and culinary science appear to be merging forming new areas know as 'Molecular Gastronomy" and Culinology... read more -- Best Culinary Schools in New York -- 2016 Reviews...-- What are the best Recreational Cooking Schools in the World -- Cooking and Travel.

Art Lesson Plans --Lesson plans for teachers and student activiities for Studio in Art, Advanced Art, Drawing and Painting... Museums, Careers in Art...

Last Minute Science Projects? While few good ones are out there, we do have some creative ideas of our own if you are willing to put the time and effort into them

2016-2017 School Year --Get an early start on the 4th and 8th Grade State Math and Reading Tests? If you don't have time to search through our extensive database of state math and reading tests, then here is our selection of well-rounded tests>>> See>>> JUST MATH. JUST SCIENCE , OR JUST READING.

COMMON CORE STANDARDS -->>>The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) releases contents of the K-12 standards as part of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, The first Common Core State Standards Test ... read more ... NEW COMMON CORE STATE TEST QUESTIONS BEGIN TO BE RELEASED.

Explain it with Molecules- Why does ice float?-- How does soap work? -- Why is diamond so hard?-- Why do carcinogens like nicotine cause cancer? -- Why is a salt crystal cubic in shape? -- This is an interactive activity using the Jmol applet which allows students to interact with molecules. No plug-in is needed. See also our Library of 3D Molecules using Jmol.. see also World of Molecules.

High Growth Careers- What career will create more new jobs than for any other occupation?

It's the New Wave in Education--Online Degrees- Does your schedule make it difficult to attend traditional school? Online Colleges and Universities seem to be the Wave of the Future. Find out if one of these schools is for you!

NCTM FOCAL POINTS AND SINGAPORE MATH---Will the New Math Curriculum using the NCTM Focal Points be more in line with International Standards? Many schools are already implementing a Singapore Style Math component...

Being Bilingual and using it staves off Dementia people who are fully bilingual and speak both languages every day for most of their lives can delay the onset of dementia by up to four years ...

Science of Food and Cooking - Science of Food and Cooking shows how science can explain taste and improve our diets in a more healthy way. Cooking Science Experiments will be included here.See also: Science of Chocolate --- Greenmarket Recipes and Cooking with Color ...Learn how to cook the best signature dishes from Great Chefs then creat your own at SignatureDishes,net

Is 3D the Wave of the Future?- Although 3D has made significant strides in science and technology, it has yet to make meaningful inroads into the entertainment arena --

How does Tamiflu Work Against the Flu --If you take Tamiflu within 48 hours of showing symptoms, it can shorten the duration of the flu (strains A and B). How does Tamiflu work?

About the Zika Virus and a Zika Vaccine -IZika has arrived in the US and currently is growing in Florida... Several vaccines are now under development... read more -

The Adolescent Brain --Why Teenagers Think and Act Differently It now appears some of that baffling behavior of your teenage child (or student) may be the result of neurobiology not raging hormones

Exercise Could Slow Aging --It now appears that physically active people have cells that look younger at the molecular level than those that are sedentary..
New Drugs in the Fight Against Alzheimer's --The past few years have brought some encouraging studies to the forefront in Alzheimer's and Dementia with several drugs for Alzheimer's Disease in the pipeline that show promise -- see Alzheimer's Update 2014
What were the top Science News Stories-- See our list of the top 10 news headlines in science and many more..

...Past Topics

 State Test Updates 2023-2024 School Year
California - Released Test Questions CST's: English; Math; History; and Science.
Massachusetts - Massachusetts has released test items from their Spring 2016. Exams in all subjects including Retest items
New York -New New York State has released full copies of state Math and English Tests --- SEE OUR REVIEW PAGE FOR THE STATE TEST --> CONTAINS REVIEW ACTIVITIES FOR 8TH GRADE MATH AND SCIENCE TEST.

The Grades 3 - 8 Mathematics and English Tests are now available for downloading. 2016 Common Core most recent

Texas -- Tests are now available in html format online.

Florida FCAT Sample Test Books and Answer Keys now available in Acrobat format for grades 3-10, Math, Reading and Science.

Pennsylvania---- PSSA Practice Tests are now available. Some contain complete tests --Mathematics and Reading.

>>More from the State Testing Page


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     Testing Resources

    What better way to prepare for your own state test, than to practice a test from another state (in addition to your own). EDinformatics -- -- makes it easy to access the state test you are looking for. Many state standardized tests can be practiced (and graded online). See the State Test Resource Page.
    State Testing Page**

    Here is a good way to start the year -- Try the TIMSS Challenge -- Grades. 3,4,7,8,12 Math and Science
    TIMSS Challenge**

    For CPA, CFA, LSAT, SAT, GRE MCAT, ESL and more...:
    Test Preparation Page**

    Find local GED testing Centers, Learn and practice test questions, GED requirements...GED State Testing Page


    Common Core Standards Initiative -- and Common Core State Standards

    Common Core State Tests -- Practice State Tests aligned to Common Core

    PARCC Practice Tests

    Smarter Balanced Assessment System Tests

     Science and Math Resources

    In addition to the EDinformatics Directory, which list thousands of reviewed sites, we have developed our own unique STEM Actvities which make use of javascript and java programming to ensure a more interactive environment.



    Science Projects/Fairs

    Creative Ideas for Science Projects

    Science Labs

    Science Fairs

    MathMol -- updated version of Mathmol

    Gifted and Talented Math and Science . Is your child/student challenged to the maximum? We are in the process of finding sites and preparing activities to meet their needs.

    See the Edinformatics 8th Grade Science Test -- PartI, --- Part II
    -- Read about the Test

     Lesson Plans for Teachers

    Save time by using the Lesson Plan Search Page to sift through thousands of Lesson Plans from the most popular sites.

    Lesson Plans Search Page

    Or, find a Lesson Plan that is linked to State Standards --->

    Lesson Plans Using State Standards

      Vocational and Technical-

    Vocational and Technical Careers - Training

    -- Training - Schools --Information for :

    Auto Repair, Aviation Training, Computer Education, Animation Training, Culinary Arts (Cooking Schools) , Construction and Maintenance, Auto Racing ...More

    Forensic Science -- CSI

    -- Online Schools and --Information for :

    Forensic Science, Forensic Chemistry, Handwriting Analysis, Forensic Toxicology, DNA Analysis, Forensic Photography, Forensic Anthropology ...More

    What are the Top Culinary Schools in America --more

    - Edinformatics takes a look at the Best Culinary Schools in America

    See -- Top Cooking Schools in US

    See -- Top Cooking Schools in New York State

      Health and Fitness

    Health and Fitness Education

    -- Education and Training for all Ages --

    Aerobic Exercise -- Pilate -- Personal Trainers --Posture --Nutrition -- Food Supplements -- Disease Prevention --Organic Foods --Weight Loss -- Complimentary and Alternative Medicine...

    See more on Health and Fitness

    Investor Education

    Investing Education New

    -- Educational Resources for :

    Financial Instruments, Securities, Derivatives, Short Selling, Technical Analysis, Financial Markets, Investor Education and Advocacy...

    Investing for Teachers...

      Real Estate Resources
    Real Estate Traning and Resources

    -- Testing - Schools --Information for :
    Real Estate (Broker License) Schools, Colleges and Universities, Test Preparation, Job Search, Investing in Real Estate, Foreclosures...

    Broker License Schools by State

      Insurance License Exam Preparation

    The Producer Licensing division of the Insurance Commissioner's Office is responsible for the administration of producer (insurance agent) licensing, appointments, continuing education, producer investigations, and insurer licensing --

    Insurance License Exam Preparation by State
      Driver's Education

    Driver's Education --Learners Permits

    Driver's License Exams

    Practice Tests

    See Sample Tests from other States

    See Drivers Manual from your State

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